Who should offer advice about Abortion

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Hoaxster, Nov 14, 2012.

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    It occurred to me that Klein's commenting on USA society and government is analogous to men talking about and offering advice on abortions.

    I also noticed that some of the men on here who discuss and state absolutes about abortion are the same men who tell klein that he has no business talking about what we do here in the good ole USA.
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    On that track of thinking I guess men and the NFL should not be wearing pink and fighting the Killer Breast Cancer.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Men get breast cancer too!

    Try using cervical cancer as your argument.
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    Not an argument --statement of fact--- if you truly believe Abortion is the ending of a life and the stopping of a heartbeat-- stating that it is a gender issue and only females have a right to have their voice--is something I will Always disagree with. No argument at all:sad-little:

    p.s. I also believe men also have something to do with pregnancy.
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    Then the indiscriminate stopping of heartbeats among children by the means of modern warfare would thus be what?
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    Collateral damage?
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    Back when I was in the Army they would tell us to "kill em all-----God would sort out the good ones".
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    Did you ever look it up in god's book to see if it was true or did you just take their word for it?
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    Yeah sure lets talk about WAR ---then talk about Capital Punishment --then talk about Abortion. Seems like all equal subjects. Oh wait ==only males can talk or voice their opinion on war ---only females can talk or voice their opinion on Abortion.

    How many "wars" or the war on women have had over 45 million deaths since Rowe vs Wade ??
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    The Army wouldn't lie--------------at least thats what they told us.
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    I asked my question first.
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    Ask all the questions you want to ---I did not start the thread but I believe it is concerning ABORTION.
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    Well to answer Hoax :

    Maybe just as much as the FBI agent that took down the General as the first one to discover and presue those e-mails ?
    (Canadian-American that went to High School in Ontario, Canada).
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    Amazing how the C9 ignores this story.. it wasnt covered on FOX news, so let it stay quiet.


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    Seventeen posts in this thread.
    No female voices.

    I am making an observation as a woman.
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    Par for the course isn't it?
    The rule should be: one dick = no vote.
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    I've never understood why the father of the child should have no say. Enlighten me.