Who wrote #FRANK on the bottoms of totes and on the sides of package cars?

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    Management didn't see me do it, so it obviously couldn't have been me. :peaceful:

    Stay safe out there brothers and sisters. Look out for each other and help each other. This disaster eventually ends. We all want each other to come home safe every night to our families. Make it happen and be cool, dudes and dudettes.
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    One of my nicknames at UPS was The Masked Phantom because it seemed like every time something controversial was posted in the locker room or in the check out area I got the blame--but I was never actually caught. One thing I NEVER did was put a picture of a penis in with the shipping forums that the customers used at the receiving counter. Boy did the :poop: hit the fan on that one when some lady discovered it and complained.
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    My guy, we had someone write really derogatory things on people's packages. There was an investigation and it was dramatic and everyone had a great time but that dude. Escorted him out and everything. It was generally pretty vanilla but got raunchy. He'd split first belt and write on packages for his buddy on third belt and have a laugh. What a ride that was working next to him when everything fell apart. They traced his scanner and did cameras and everything. He sorta cried when he was leaving too it was amazing.
  4. Covemastah

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    Why she complain ??
    It wasn’t big enough ??
  5. Indecisi0n

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    Was her complaint about the penis size?