Who's in...???


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If i make the next UPS t-shirt that says..

"Safety First" on the front


"unless it gets in the way of production" on the back...

anyone want one?



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:laugh::laugh::thumbup1::thumbup1: those shirts are brilliant, after i get a little more time in (get seniority this week i believe) I'll probably buy one or two, i liked the "Jimmy's got my back" and "unskilled labor"


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I love the shirts and DS's is awesome but any unauthorized use of the UPS trademark is a violation of law and they can come down on you for it so just beware before you proceed!


I dont intend to actually make and or sell any product that contains the ups logo.Anyone that does is subject to the laws protecting its use.Lobo is also copyrighted by D.C. comics inc. and any infringement of his image is subject to the wrath of Lobo himself.So any one of you friggin bastiches that tries it is in for a big surprise!!!!!!


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Cant respond..too busy ordering shirts from Underground Brown.

Those ROCK and i will be getting at least 2 of them.

Maybe I should email them my idea for the next shirt!!



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Thanks for the link, Westsideworma. I might get the "Least Best Employee" shirt for me and "Misloader of the Month" for my Preloader this Peak Season.:laugh:


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I`m ready for a marathon at a moments notice..........Drinking marathon that is.:thumbup1:
Cach whats the name of that bar by you? Its just north east of the main entrance, its an old house converted into a bar. The cheapest booze around!