Why are drivers such sheep?

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    I am new so I can't go around pointing fingers but I hear drivers complaining about the workload ALL DAY LONG. These are the same drivers that turn around and continue to bust their @$$es and get all the work done sometimes even cutting their lunches short. I hear guys with 25+ years say "i had to take a 15 min lunch to get back on time." This boggles my mind ! Why don't we all work to rule? I talked to a driver the other day that explained to me one of the drivers only gets dispatched with 65-70 a day because he works by the book. center manager has been on him for months but can't hit him on anything because he is doing everything right. Why don't more drivers do this? Not only would it make our daily dispatch go down but then UPS would be forced to hire more drivers. I think its because drivers are scared. I know there is a mixture of the union and driver power but I believe the union is only as strong as its members and from what i see its a joke. I am just so tired of drivers complaining and not doing anything about it. If you aren't going to act then don't b#$%#.

    There, that's my rant of the day. :happy-very:
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    Excellent question, one I've been asking for years.
    Stand by, the sheep will be chiming in directly.
    You'll hear things like; I have a family, we're luck to have a job, I don't want to put a target on my back, etc, etc, etc.
    My feeling is that you hit it squarely on the head, well said.
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    Hoffa mindset
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    I'm too scared.
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    I, personally, don't want to break up my day after I have finally gotten everything organized, just to sit for 45 min. If we could work straight, I probably would most days. I understand the need for a rest period, some days I just don't want it. -I have never worked through a lunch and have always taken them- I'm just not a sitter.

    Just saying'.
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    Meno: in our shop if you work through your lunch and give a decent ETA your almost certain to be sent to help other people.
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    Same at mine. That's why I only worked through for about a week. I would take lunch at the end. Light bulb after, having already 34 p/u including the NY Air Brake, they added three others(
    One of which was the UPS Store right next to the base near X-mas. Lunch became a priority. I would fixed things on my radio, shop, whatever. Never did that again.
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    I have to go home and cut the grass.
    I have to go home and poop.
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    If we all did it I wonder if they have enough guns to point at every one of us targets??????????

    Strength in 3's. The solo methods man gets nailed every time, but if everyone was insink thenit would work unity not just in a vote or in a strike,
    BUT UNITY ON A DAILY BASIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your avitar would be really kewl if u changed it so that it was a manager beating on a drivers head.
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    Where do you get virgin wool?

    Ugly sheep.
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    "We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately" . . . . Benjamin Franklin
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    What about the women?
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    Maybe it has something to do with UPS, in the past, hired people with very strong work ethics and many of them coming out of the armed forces.
    For these people, it is in their nature to get the job done and they don't accept failure very easily. The younger people are more complacent and don't see the direct relationship between hard work and success.

    They are also more willing to accept someone else defining failure rather defining it themselves than the newer people. Younger people question things and don't buy into the American dream anymore. A lot of them voted for Obama.

    Another possible reason is the differences in society. People who were born in the early 60's and before did not think physical, manual labor jobs were beneath them but that has changed and nowadays, it is looked down upon. Look at how quickly the drivers that can't do the job try to get into management.

    Just a few thoughts that occurred to me as I read this thread.

    Peace :peaceful:

    from The Other Side
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    BTW . . . born in 1964
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    Well said....closely mirror my thoughts. UPS has a bust-it-all-day culture and some simply can't do it. People are looking for the easy way.
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    OK - I meant to say before 1964. :wink2:
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    Damn. Born in 1967.
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    You guys are old...
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    This is getting to deep I'm going too the Life after Brown forum.