Why are UPS trucks promoting Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Reputation’?

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    Why are UPS trucks promoting Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Reputation’? - Marketwatch

    When it comes to United Parcel Services’ UPS-0.79% collaboration with Taylor Swift for her long-awaited sixth album, “Reputation,” which is set for release Friday, the delivery company is out to offer nothing less than the complete package.

    UPS delivery vans have been driving through the streets of New York, Atlanta and Nashville emblazoned with posters advertising Swift’s new album. Fans have been taking pictures of the vans — the first time the company has advertised on its fabled brown package cars — and sharing them on social media with the hashtag #TaylorSwiftDelivery, in order to be given enhanced opportunities to buy upcoming concert tickets.
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    Yes, why?
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    Just following the money!
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    Not here they aren't, but they did squeeze mine in for the monthly rinse.
  5. Subliminal message? Their idea of beauty and rebranding in this T-Rump era:disguised::D
  6. I thought she would use the Swift trucking company.