why Can't I file a 9.5

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 5yrssafedriver, May 6, 2012.

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    I dont have a route and probly wont have one for another 5+ years, ive been driving to 6 years. I work everyday and have not done the same route in the past 7 working days. 5 of those days i was over 9.5, the other 2 were just minutes under 9.5. One of the days i did a route that was 140 miles and 160 stops, on paper it was considered a 8.5 day it took me till 8 with taking a 20 break at the building. Why would managment tell me i cant file a 9.5? Am i miss-interpreting the contract do i have to work 59.5 hours a week untill i get my own route? Am i ever going to see my children growup? I wish my union would help out just a little
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    Did you file a grievence????
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    You can't file because we were sold out.

    Read this post by The Other Side.
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    Hmmm. This will be an interesting challenge, if I happen to have to deal with it.
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    We don't have that crap. Our supplement superceeds the master. Sucks to be those other guys.


    You know what thats total horse crap! Cover drivers get dumped on enough. Why should a cover driver bother paying union dues if they do nothing to represent them? A driver is a driver period!
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    its been one long week 4/5 days were 10-11 hour paid days. yes i have filed 3 times and every time the labor manager denies the grievence. His argument is that becasue i am just a split driver, that part of the contract does not apply to me. He claims this with the local steward in the room. I dont get it, Im a full time driver, my paycheck says driver just like the 30+ year drivers. fyi the labor manager used to be my center manager
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    I am a cover driver and I worked 10.5 on Monday and 11.5+ on Tuesday. Wednesday AND Thursday I was called by one of my On-Cars to ask if I was going to make 9.5, because I'm on the 9.5 list. So, from what I know cover drivers CAN be on the 9.5 list.

    Just Sayin'
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    FT covers can--casuals cannot.
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    It depends on where you are in the country, and your supplemental language.

    If your supplement has no provision.... you are covered under the master, and *non-bid* drivers can't file.

    In the Central, we have had 9.5 language even before there was a master contract....

    And then it was 10 hours.

    But, nobody had to file on it.... or put in for an 8 hour request....

    We were all off the clock by 5:30 or 6:00.... except for peak.

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    Ha, out here in Cali I was s cover driver for 5yrs...Worst job at UPS...No respect getting straight dumped on, your always heavier then the regular driver & have to go back out to help somebody finish their route at $10 less an hour...And no I could not file for 9-5 grievance even though I drove full time as a cover driver...my favorite Cover/Driver quote " Hey, congratulations on finishing you route, now go help this guy finish his"
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    Everyone, starts out at the bottom.... myself included.

    I was "trained" on one route.... Then in the course of 4 years, learned 28.

    But, learning.... was being thrown out in the blind.

    "Hear's the truck, the keys, a copy of the previous days delivery records, and the load chart."

    This was before the DIAD. The first route that came up for bid.... that I could hold.... I jumped on.

    Kind of separates the men from the boys.

    The last contract was the first implementation of 9.5 language nationwide.

    There will be adjustments....

    In every contact.... that happens. Not just UPS.

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    9.5 language began nationwide in 2002, ten years ago.

    It was weakened in 2008, and again, mid-Contract, by the 9.5 Committee and the National Grievance Panels.
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    And you are the only person paying attention.

    Ron Carey is dead.

    TDU could only field one candidate in the last election.

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    Just let them pay you! Take all lunch before 5 pm. Get businesses off first and don't have a wreck. Have fun on weekends but save up and retire as soon as you can. Have a positive attitude and if it is too much work they can adjust your load or there is always tomorrow. Don't be intimidated into rushing and getting injured or having an accident.
  16. DS

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    Nice first post rtr,welcome to the cafe.
    I think you missed the OP's complaint.
    It's not about the money,it's about respect.
    There is no reason the union should not back him up here.
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    It's not about the Union not backing him up....

    I think it has more to do with showing the veteran drivers respect. They put in the time and paid their dues.

    We have "miscellaneous" or "swing" drivers that come in.... see they aren't assigned a route for the day....

    And then go hide in the bathroom or grab an unused diad and clip it to their belt.... to give they appearance they are working that day.

    Now everybody is hip to that little trick.

    Anyone that bids into pkg thinking they are going to be working normal hours.... or like 9 to 5.... is in the wrong job.

    It takes time, to build your seniority. He would feel different if he had more.

  18. LiB

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    Back when I was a driver this was near and dear to my heart, and still is. I was full time cover driving and I struggled for years to file a 9.5 grievance. My career went like this

    1. I came in early, and set my truck up as we don't have PAS. Ran bonus. Got crapped on
    2. Came in five minutes before start time. Still ran bonus but not as much. Got crapped on
    3. Came in five minutes early and talked to drivers. Ran overallowed. Got crapped on and asked why I was running over allowed, told them the regular driver on X route ran his day like this. Got harrassed.
    4. Came in at start time. Ran Overallowed. Filed discrimination grievance everyday until i had the work load of the regular driver of X route because i was treated different because i was a different race. Never happened.
    5. Came in 30 minutes early. Got crapped on. Ran Bonus two weeks in a row with 11 hour "Planned" days. Filed 9.5 grievance. Was told it wasn't going to happen. Filed harassment grievance that i was not dispatched fairly as other drivers, Filed another 9.5 grievance. Told them that I was exceeding their "Planned" day every day that they dispatched me with and told my BA that fair representation would be a question of my lawyers if he didn't fight the company.
    6. Had my business manager put me on an 8 hour only route.
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    Respect? Respect?

    Management is not capable of showing anyone respect. Too busy blowing each others head up. They are just a number to!
  20. BigUnionGuy

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    Not to say I doubt your story....

    But, I doubt your story.