Why Does A Salad Cost More Than A Big Mac?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Feb 15, 2012.

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    I would not know ! Never did purchase a salad, yet, at Mc Donalds, however was thinking of subsituting the small salad instead of fries for the same price in a meal deal.
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    Just think, what are the Congressmen and women who vote on this stuff eating? Big macs and crap like that. You know, veggies like Pizza. :rofl: Pizza a veggie. :rofl:
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    There is an interesting documentary available to Amazon Prime members titled "King Corn", and it is about these two guys fresh out of college discover that the carbon in their bodies is the same carbon one would find in an ear of corn so they go off trying to figure out why. They get a farmer in Iowa to allow them to plant one acre of corn, and grow it themselves and they follow the corn to see what becomes of it. When they are doing the math of what their profit or loss is they discover that they actually lost money on that acre of corn when you took in all the costs like land, seed, fertilizer, equipment rental, etc. but when the government subsidies were figured in is when the profit is produced. All these corn farmers in Iowa would be bankrupt if it weren't for the subsidies they get paid by the government to basically overproduce a crop to keep the price of it as low as possible. I highly recommend watching it if you get a chance as its very interesting how corn makes up a significant part of our food economy.
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    I 2nd your film suggestion. Very much worth the watch.

    Dairy lobby is just as bad. Go to the National Dairy Council website and read how much they promote WIC. And more on that point,

    from 2003' Bloomberg piece

    You guys scream about gov't growth in social programs but you never realize those programs lead to profits and where there are profits you want growth to keep the profits rolling in. Cato's 2009' study on Food Subsidies IMO paints that picture very clear. Statist Liberals never realize for example that in their zeal to supposedly help the downtrodden, they in effect build up the very 1% they scream and protest against. If both the statist left and right would shut the ":censored2:" up long enough to listen, they'd hear the corp socialist capitalism crying out the whole time, "please don't throw me in that briar patch!" followed by uncontrolled laughter.

    These gov't programs also absorb excess production which acts as a price support for said products on the open markets which keeps consumer prices up. Even medicare and medicaid act as a price floor because the law specifically sez any doctor treating those covered patients can never charge less that the agreed to gov't price to any other patient even if the circumstances benefit patient and/or doctor. The fact is, corp. capitalism has been using gov't socialism as a price floor that they use to boost profits as far back as FDR if not before and thus I reject that said capitalism of which hides behind free market rhetoric. This conflation has been a deception used by both the political right and left based on false truths.

    We need "Markets Not Capitalism!"