Why does UPS have such a high turnover rate for package handlers?

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    I've heard some horror stories with anything from P/T feeder loading all the way down to small sort. For example; many UPSers at one location say small sort is a dream job, yet over at another, larger location (like a hub) people say it's a nightmare (especially when understaffed). I've also heard similar stories about the feeder loaders, where they will often higher a new guy and expect him to have his trailer loaded in 30 minutes. Is this common around the country? Also, ever hear of anybody walking out on their first day?

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  2. kingOFchester

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    Because the pay is crap, long wait for the bennies, and most important.......you are set up to fail on a a daily basis, right out of the gate at that.
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    What's a bennie?
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    #1)pay; rate and minimal hours, 2)working conditions..however once your full-time management or union, that turnover is reversed.
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    I heard small pack only starts out at like $9/hr for package handlers....Is that true? I'm a UPS Freight driver and our part timers only start out at $10.50/hr.
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    I've seen a few people walk out at break time. Some went to the restroom and never came back.
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    I have no idea what the people in small sort would complain about. Not lifting heavy packages? Not lifting heavy packages? Or maybe not lifting heavy packages?
  9. TearsInRain

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    anyone who genuinely thinks small-sort is hard should be shown the door

    the turnover rate is high because impossible standards are set in Atlanta and then Division shoves those standards so hard down the Center Managers' throats

    what happens then is unless someone stands up to their boss (career-suicide), the only thing to do is parrot: OH YES SIR THOSE PEOPLE ARE JUST LAZY SCUM THEY NEED TO WORK HARDER, WORKING SMART IS CODE FOR LAZINESS, and if you don't toe that line, you'll become a managerial scapegoat
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    Crappy job + crappy pay = high turnover

    It is a pretty standard formula that applies to any and all industries.

    Last I heard, OTR companies' average 120% turnover. Absolutely outrageous and unsustainable, until you find out that the Fed includes Class A driver training for job retraining benefits. Which means if a person is on unemployment, the fed will reimburse either a student's tuition or a company that pays for a student to train. In the case of companies like JB Hunt, Schneider or Swift; they make more money off turnover than long term employees.

    It is a labor market gone mad.
  11. klein

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    The way I see it at UPS, is they try to get rid of you, before the bennies kick in after a year, or before your pension is vested in after 2 years.
    They will make life misrable for you, that you would want to quit, or they find something silly to fire you.
    Besides, they rather pay newbies the starting wage and no bennies, than any oldtimers. Much cheaper that way.
    Numbers are numbers, and UPS goes by them daily, actually every second !
  12. ORLY!?!

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    The pay is decent for a part time gig, it is only 4-4 1/2 hours a day. Yet it feels like you really pushed yourself at another job for eight hours straight.

    Its a weird situation here, truly. One year you're making 15k, in five years your making 75k. The scale of increase in payments of job is really outrageous. They can pay a problem driver, with no other skills 75k a year. Yet, fail to increase a pay rate for a preloader thats an expert in many loading situations and other skills.

    Usally, its the smart ones that get the big picture and see they're going no where fast here. I see it myself, but I'm always excited to go to work. They see it because the job takes it toll on the body. Your back, kness, neck and mind start to slow start to fall apart on you. I've heard and seen people quit because of a little pain here or there. I've heard of special forces ( Seals ) quitting the job only after a month. And I will hear more of these stories to come.

    For many, the only thing that keeps them coming in time and time again is the chance they can land a job driving. I really feel sorry for them, because its a very long road of playing the game for another many years until that chance is a reality. Then they have to deal the jerk-off loader that cant seem to read or load numbers. Then again deal with soups the next morning about why they went over. The job is a lot of BS. In all aspects, each one has its problems.

    For small sort, get bent. Want to complain about pushing 2 ounce-5 pound boxes all night, then you need to go apply at Walmart or Mcdonalds.
  13. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    You know Mc Donalds is actually not a bad job.
    The starting wage here is over $11.00 an hr, all bennies paid after 3 months.
    And their pay and promotion system is great.

    I think after 5 years , you'll become manager, then after 10 district manager, after 15 regional manager and so on.
    I knew a lady once, she's been working with them since a teen, she now earns an easy $100K per year as a regional manager. And she has fun doing it, gets to travel lots and everything paid for (meals , hotets , living allowance extra, etc).
  14. splozi

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    Yeah, probably just McDonald's garbage.
  15. klein

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    Now what makes you think that ? They get a nice corperate credit that they can use in the hotel they stay , and wine and dine with. Just like UPS district managers.
  16. splozi

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    Where's my corporate credit?

    I have to buy new effing gloves every two weeks with my own damn money.
  17. btrlov

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    what location pays 11/hr?Switzerland!
  18. barnyard

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    Pretty much everywhere in Mn, more is you look at the Bakken formation in ND and MT.
  19. klein

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    Every where in Alberta, starting wage is $11.30 at Mickies, night shift gives an additional $1 , too, (any hrs worked between 10pm and 7am).
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    Because like everything else they just don't make em like they used to.