Why does UPS insist on lying to future employees about hours?

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    I'm coming up on a month here in Louisville at UPS as a loader, and I have loved and hated it. But what pisses me off the most is the fact that almost every day seems to be have been a 5-6 hour day. I had expected going in (because they couldn't remind you enough) that as a PART TIME position, you would expect approximately 3-4 hour days, with of course an hour changing end and start time and an ending 20ish hours a week. It has been the complete opposite ever since I started working after training. I'm not as mad at the overtime as much as I am that they basically straight up lie about how much you will be working throughout orientation, and on the papers that they had out to you. I know it is probably a way to get people in, specifically college students such as myself, because otherwise people probably wouldn't touch it. With holidays I would expect this ridiculous overtime, but every day is a bit much.
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    It is different everywhere. In some areas the part timers struggle to get the 3.5hrs they are guaranteed. Don't bite the hand that is feeding you, you might end up getting exactly what you wish for!!
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    I wish they would rain the 3.5 hours right here honestly instead, lol. I would LOVE hours they promise.
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    Ima steward in one of the wings. I'm full-time but I kno the part-timers here get right at 3.5 hours a night. Grgrcr88 is right, if they're paying 4 ur school, I'd be grateful. Many of us wish they offered that when wer were in school.
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    Well I'm not even here completely for the tuition pay, because I have been fortuanate to have a large portion of it payed for already. I just understood that it would be 3-4 hours a night generally, as opposed to the 2 days a week I got from a previous job where I got a paycheck every 2 weeks. It was just the better option.
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    School does teach grammar and spelling.
    Education is the gateway to success.
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    Mr. moderator :knockedout:, did not even bother to think it may have been posted from a clumsy cell phone where every word and letter correct is time consuming?
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    Lets see, you dont want overtime, yet so many other part timers do. And UPS wins how?

    What they did tell you was no lie, the job plans for about 4 hours a day. But as a practical matter, we all know how close the UPS plans get to reality.

    The job is also dependent on volume. The greater the volume, the more time it takes. Pure and simple.

    But I would suspect that given you complaining about your previous job having too little, and this one too many, UPS would be very hard pressed to make you happy, no matter what they did.

    You just cant please everyone.

    So struggle through that extra hour of work. I know its tough, but you can do it.


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    Like I said, I'm not as upset at the overtime as I am with other things. I know it is based on the volume of that day as I've been working there long enough to realize that. What I'm more concerned is the fact that a lot of people go into it not knowing this before hand and get put on expecting them to live up to what the hours on their documents and what people tell them like a lot of companies do already. I just believe that this possible unmentioned overtime (depending on your area) is stated before people who actually have situations where they depend on getting on and off at a time in between the said hours for the most part are employed and either stuck or have to leave with a bad employment record on their applications.
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    OH my God, in this current economic problem in our country, we are raising a bunch of cry babies. Gee whiz, UPS told you you were going to work part time, that will be more than 3 and less than 8. Deal with it. They cant be exactly what you want it to be, and they can only guess at what you will be working in 6 months. Hopefully, even longer hours.

    HEll, go out into the real world and see what your options are. Join the rest of the 10 million plus looking for work.

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    There is a difference between whining about not being able to work what was expected of you and working what is well beyond what was told and expected of you. Apparently you stll fail to see what my actual gripe on the subject is. Keep ranting about something that has nothing to do with anything I'm talking about. :)
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    UPS does not need a 30 day wonder that refers to his Employer as "a liar".

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    And you are telling me they aren't? You don't learn that in some areas until you are actually employed, that you will be going in twice as much time each day than you were told. That constitutes as lying to me. If they told you straightforward that you could expect overtime every night, sure, I would be fine with it. *
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    Wish i got 6 hrs a day it is a stretch to get 4 sometimes be thankful, it could always be worse.
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    Gee I have to agree with you. Life should not be so difficult.

    I believe you should quit. There are many welfare --I mean entitlement programs waiting for you. Then you can really complain about capitalism,big business, lack of opportunity, etc,etc,etc.
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    Just worry about yourself !!
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    Wait till they cut your hours to 3.5 a day than you be complaining about not making enough money.
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    Eh, honestly I'm not sure if I would or not.
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    If you are talking about preload, which I believe you are, I was told to be available between 3am and 9am. They do every thing based on volume, as was stated before. When peak comes, you will be starting at 1am potentially. If you don't/can't do that, then maybe you should look somewhere else. Preload is crazy. I loved most of it, but it is wild.

    Good luck.:happy-very: