Why early voting needs to be eliminated and voter ID laws mandatory nationally

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by brett636, Nov 3, 2012.

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    This democrat is using the early voting laws and lack of a voter ID requirement to do just what the rest of us have feared. He is knowingly committing voter fraud showing complete contempt for our election system and the desires of his fellow citizens. This is the kind of act that needs to be punished severely, and the means to commit them restricted drastically. Early voting just gives more time for the democrats to commit this kind of voter fraud, and lack of a voter ID law makes it that much easier. If voting were restricted to just one day, as it should be, and voter ID laws mandatory these sorts of attempts at hijacking our electoral system would be much more difficult, and our election results much more accurate. It simply cannot be allowed that the ideals of a small group of nut jobs becomes the ideals of a nation because of corruption at the ballot box like what has occurred in so many other much lesser nations.
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    I vote once I'm on the honor system.
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    Not that the vote really matters anyway (as far as the presidential election is concerned).

    If they are going to abolish something with the voting system, the first thing that needs to go is the electoral college.
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    I see nothing wrong with early voting, since I have been doing it for years. Its simply a lot easier way of doing it, I think you have to be crazy to stand in a long line on election day. Which by the way, I think should be on the weekend. I'm glad we have Voter ID in my state, I see nothing wrong with proving that you are who you are supposed to be. These people who commit fraud by voting multiple time in different states should jailed and lose their right to vote in my opinion.
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    Felons lose their right to vote but hundreds of thousands voted for Obama.
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    Obama should've taken up Trumps offer of 5 million
    and provided the requested doc's and donated it to the red cross
    when he visited the Sandy disaster.
    If he had he would have an honest candidate
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    I was really surprised he did not take the 5 million. Its just his school records and that 5 mil would have looked good for Obama to give to the victims of Sandy or maybe a childerns hospice. I just dont understand why he would not want to help?
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    This is CLEARLY a fake Twitter feed created by a GOP operative to give a false impression.... just like the fake twitter account created by someone representing themself as Chris Crispy calling Limbaugh a drug addict.

    Bro, you fall for everything.

    WHO in their RIGHT MIND would vote multiple times and then post about it on a feed with their REAL NAME.

    Nobody is that stupid..... wait, now that im here, Ive changed my mind. Ive reconsidered that position.


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    [h=1]Report: Obama had 2.6 GPA at Columbia[/h]
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    Nothing like bragging about a felony on twitter. Genius.
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    I am not surprised........there is no way he could've pried that $5 million from Mooch's fingers !! She wants a huge house and not in snow country ( Sweet home, Chicago)
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    My son and I share the same first and last name. ID's are not required to vote where I live. He has yet to vote in any election. It would be very easy for me to cast two votes if I were so inclined.
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    Come on, Hoaxster, you know better than this, or you should. Felons are only barred from voting in some states.
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    This seems fake to you, but couldnt it easily be true and he posted with a fake name???
  16. MenInBrown

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    Romney doesnt care about you or your sons vote in NY.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    How does a comment such as that add to the discussion in a positive manner?
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    I agree. Do it when it does not exclude right full voters. Weeks before national election? Do it when it does not put the election in a court(bush/gore) do it right. Do it on a national level. State by state? What a mess. Put the rules/laws in place before an election year, month, week!
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    Just like the guy on the other thread making the "ballet" comment. Didn't seem to me to add anything relevant to that discussion.
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    Even "Stevie" could see that this was coming.