why I like Christmas work the best

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    I don't know about you guys but I like working the preload at Christmas more then any other time of the year. First I'll list why its worse then normal times and then I'll list the pros that offset the cons and then some

    - have to start only an hour or two or less after midnight
    - obviously the most packages each person has to handle for the year
    - packages tend to be heavier
    - solid 5-7 hours of hard work can wear you out
    - have to deal with bad weather (northeast)

    - we start really early but were also done about an hour earlier then other times of the year. Just gives more time to do other things during the day
    - the number of packages that I have to load only increases about 30% compared to say the middle of the year, but we are working roughly 50-80% longer. 2/3 more time to handle only 1/3 more packages.
    - atleast in years past we have gone from one 10 minute break during the middle of the year to two 10 minute breaks at Christmas or one 20 minute break. Whatever it is we definately get more break time. That 20 minute break is prime nap time
    - there is quite a few more people around so theres a much better chance of getting help when you need it.
    - management is much more on top of the ball when it comes to moving things to better places, and there more trucks around to give more options of were to put overflow.
    - pay check is alot higher

    I load two mall vans that go to the Natick Collection in Natick, MA and the the worst time of year for me is when retailers start to plan for upcoming shopping seasons yet the rest of the building is still kind of in idle mode. This tends to be somewhere around September when Christmas stuff starts heading to the malls yet its too far away for the average person on Bob rd. to be shipping any Christmas related stuff.

    So what about you other preloaders? How would you compare working Christmas to other times of the year?
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