why is everyone trippin' over this ups/dhl deal???

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    Whats the real story. Seems as if many pilot jobs will be lost, which is never good and am very sorry to hear that, but if they dont get their act together dhl will have no jobs. Just wondering why the word antitrust is being thrown around, its not like ups is buying out fedex? Ups and fedex fly the usps volume and nothing is said about that. If ups does end up purchasing tnt, would the same thing happen, does antitrust happen to companies that try to purchase overseas businesses??
  2. One reason, one reason only. Election year. Politicians trying to act like they care about more than just themselves.
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    There was a story about this part of Ohio. They are trying to get a casino in there and are saying that would help replace a lot of those lost jobs. But, they won't be like the high paying jobs that will be lost with this DHL deal.
  4. Baba gounj

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    Its politics & tax breaks.
    DHL promised to stay & grow more jobs, so they got tax breaks. Now with this deal = no more jobs thus the locals want DHL to pay.
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    True. And it's actually closer to 10000 jobs lost, not just 1000 pilot jobs. Ground workers, administration folks, etc. Also, the reason that anti-trust does not apply to the USPS work is that they are a government entity, and immune to anti-trust issues. An investigation has been called for by Koch & Hatch, who are the chair and ranking member of the Senate Committee on Anti-Trust to the DOJ and FTC. It is in progress now, so we'll see what comes of that.
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    Funny how the senate and congress don't break our balls when we fly in supplies to Iraq in the first or second war or they don't seem to mind when we shipped in truck loads of supplies to NYC on 9/11 or truck loads of water to the Gulf coast Katrina mess wich they couldn't handle !!!!!!!!
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    this doesn't make any sense at all, and you should feel bad for saying it.
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    the casino thing can't be true. ohio doesn't allow casinos in the state, and that is why everyone goes to indiana, kentucky, and west virginia to do their gambling. if the politicians in ohio were smart they would allow casinos and start making some money off of it instead of sending their own residents to other states and boosting THEIR economy
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    You guys aren't the Lone Ranger in that. I've flown several CRAF missions myself to the sandbox. As have most of us at Astar.
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    Here's the story.....

    Casino backers in Ohio pitch job creation
    Tuesday August 5, 3:22 pm ET
    By Stephen Majors, Associated Press Writer Casino backers say promise of new jobs will help Ohio region bracing for tough times
    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Backers of a proposed casino near Wilmington say casino jobs would be a safety net for a southwest Ohio region bracing for possible economic trouble.
    Rick Lertzman of MyOhioNow.com said Tuesday that the 5,000 jobs his casino would bring would help offset the loss of jobs at the nearby Wilmington Air Park.
    Express shipper DHL said in May it wants to move work away from Wilmington by having United Parcel Service replace ABX Air and ASTAR Air Cargo in transporting packages, threatening 6,000 jobs.
    Officials in Clinton County say the DHL decision has likely increased support for the casino. But casino opponents say the $600 million project couldn't provide the same quality jobs.
    Casino backers turned in about 800,000 petition signatures Tuesday. If the signatures are validated by the Secretary of State's office, the casino plan would appear on the November ballot.
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    if it passes the november vote, it would still have to go to state legislature. if wilmington is allowed to have a casino then they will have to open it to the entire state.
  12. Covemastah

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    talking agout the us gov lokking in to antitrust law violations they look the other way when we help them out !!
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    I have a feeling that UPS was helping out because they felt it was, oh I dunno, their patriotic duty. There is a HUGE difference between a terrorist attack/large natural disaster....and two companies joining together to help the other out. If you can not see the difference here then it's pointless to talk to you about it.
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    DHL in this part of WV is no longer in business. They shut the center down. I don't have many details one DHL driver said they came in on June 1st and told them their last day would be June 28th.
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    Originally Posted by Baba gounj
    Its politics & tax breaks.
    DHL promised to stay & grow more jobs, so they got tax breaks. Now with this deal = no more jobs thus the locals want DHL to pay.

    I understand the tax breaks thing, but was the deal originally with DHL, or was it another company that was bought up by DHL?? I can't remember.
    If it was another company, would DHL be held to the promise to stay in trade for the tax benefits?
  16. Covemastah

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    I speak my mind here like everyone else! The u.s gov has always looked at ups as a monopoly,and we are forced by law to charge more for nda & 2nd dat ltrs than the P.O yes ups has a heart when we help out in a national crisis and natural disasters, hell we even shipped panda bears and whales the gov knows we are the best in the field of tranportation thats why they ask for our help DO you think the usps could of mobalized up as quik as ups to send supplies to tthe Gulf coast or NYC on 911!!! hell fema had their heads up there ass I'm not comparing a national disaster to UPS flying DHL bundles, what I'm saying is its a free enterprise economy here in the good old USA the gov didnt mind FEDEX flying the PO pkgs, they should stay ouy of our affairs read post carefully before assuming I should feel bad and make more sense!!!
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    actually you did compare them. saying "they lets us do this, but don't let us do that" is comparing them to each other. the circumstances are not the same.

    it'd be similar to your 17 year old daughter asking you
    "can I spend the night at my boyfriends house?"
    Umm...let me think about it.
    "but you let me stay at stacies house all the time!"
    Well this isn't the same thing.

    get what I'm saying?

    And back to your first statement...I never said you could not speak your mind. This website is a forum for discussion. You made a statement, and I made an argument against it. That is how this crazy thing works.
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    "Anti-trust Laws: Federal statutes that regulate trade in order to maintain competition and prevent monopolies. Many common business practices are governed by these statutes. The Sherman antitrust act of 1890 made price-fixing (the setting of prices in cooperation with competitors) illegal. The Clayton act of 1914 outlawed price discrimination (charging different prices to different buyers), as did the robinson-patman act of 1936.

    Antitrust refers to government policy to regulate or break up monopolies in order to promote free competition and attain the benefits that such competition can provide to the economy and to society as a whole."

    DHL is hiring UPS to fly their packages in North America--end of story. The current DHL fleet is old and will have to be replaced/upgraded in the near future (big money). Many of their aircraft do not use the igloos that are used to transport the freight like UPS and FedEx (very inefficient). Their parent company has poured billions into their US operation to compete with FedEx and UPS and they have come to the conclusion that to continue serving the US, they need to radically change how they operate in the US. They made a business decision to cut costs and use a more efficient method to transport their packages.

    DHL Ground will still exist and still compete with UPS and FedEx. DHL Express will still exist and still compete with UPS and FedEx. Outside the US, DHL is the market leader for international express shipments and the Deutsche Post is much larger than both UPS and FedEx.

    Customers in the US can choose from DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS and a host of regional carriers to get their stuff from point A to point B. Plenty of competition in the package delivery business---ask any sales person in the industry. How does this deal change that?

    The USPS hired FedEx and UPS to transport most of their Priority Mail and 1st class mail. FedEx, UPS and DHL all use other carriers to deliver to areas that would otherwise be a money-losing operation for them. Outside of the US, DHL uses many different airlines for their airlift. FedEx and UPS do the same thing.

    While it is certainly unfortunate that many people will lose their jobs, it is business. At the end of the day, DHL made a business decision to cut costs in the US and hire a company to perform a service. No anti-trust issues here.
  19. 25yrvet

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    I know it's about jobs in OH, but what kind of common sense is this: the politictians in dc stepping in to defend a german owned (subsidized??) company here in the US when the company is doing well in many other parts of the country.
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    so when the plane starts to get full, will there be DHL or UPS packages left behind on the ramp????