Why is it called "Pittsburg"? Nashville? Dollywood?

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    Out of intrest, and simply due to the fact that none of my Scandinavien colleges knows the answer, I hope that someone at the browncafe can tell me why the employee record is called a Pittsburg?
    The silly rumors will have it that its because it first came into place in Pittsburg... What do I know... Any chance one of you guys can enlighten me please.
  2. re: Why is it called "Pittsburg"? Nashville? Dollywood?

    That's what I have been told...the "pittburgh" was created in Pittsburgh. Just like the "nashville unloader" was created in Nashville.
    So where did the term "Dolly", "Pig Box", or "Extendo" come from?
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    We have something called an Omaha??? Any one else?
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    wait a minute , Im in Nashville , Ive never heard of our unloaders being called Nashville unloaders , is that good ,bad , what does it mean ??
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    Totally unrelated to the discussion, but Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN is a hella good time.
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    I love irrelevant posts.
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    That looks like the Mojave. (Yermo ?)