Why is it.................

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I am sure that there are lots of people that can add to this thread. Just something for fun. Sometimes its great just to come on here and read something funny instead of depressing.

Why is it........

You can deliver to someone 100 times and they are never home. But that one day when you have a delivery for them and the package looks, lets say less than perfect, they are standing in the front yard waiting for you?

Why is it.......

You are running late and trying to get your air done. You have to drive by a house you know you have a package for. Maybe its the only delivery in the area that day. You are thinking " Maybe I can squeeze this one in and not have to come back." You hop out of the truck and scan the package on the way to the door and realize it is a signature required package or a COD.


.............you have a DR for the same customer that is there every day and the day you have a sig. req. they aren't home?


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Why is it the one pkg, that you dont want to deliver, Looks damaged, and the center wants an ETA, and you have no tape, or bondo.
Or the one out of the way you pull for, the person keeps yelling, wait a minute...Im coming, Ill be right there, and then they have a series of keys, in a sequence to open their doors. God help them if they ever have a fire.
Or why the center wants you to re attempt, "they are home now, need you to go back" when you are already at the max to get in by airtime. I know we are "better" but does anyone else re attempt? Does the mailman, "come back" coz they couldnt get their fat arse outta bed by 10:30 am?


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.....that the idiots i the call center tell customers that you will be there in such-n-such time frame when they have no idea what your day looks like from their cubicle.


................that new acc't reps will tell a shipper that they can have a scheduled p/u at such and such time when there is no way in hell I can be there at that time.


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that every time you have to double park the person you are blocking in "has to get out right now"


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The biggest Murphy's law I run into is with not-regular bulk stops or those 150lb irregs, it's almost always going to a difficult stop. It usually turns out to be one of the following scenarios:

1) A building without a dock.
2) A single house with a driveway that you can't back into.
3) An apartment or office building that has several floors and no elevator.
4) Nobody around to sign at a business.
5) No place to DR at a housestop.


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Why is it......

...that the house that always has the garage door open when they have a small pkg, has it locked when you have 3 O/S pkgs?

...that you can get in to the bldg early for weeks until you need to be somewhere and then you have 11 hours dispatch and everyone else is heavy too?


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That everybody and their brother can "do your route faster than you", according to your center manager, when you go on vacation. (not saying anything about the 2 weeks it takes you to clean up the can't locates and calm down the irrate customers who felt they were wronged by your replacement).


We could all fill a book trying to answer the "Why is it?" question.
So here are some of mine off the top of my head.
Why is it;
It's always raining when you have a pkg that won't fit into a DR bag and the people have no dry place to leave it?
A dog attacks you and the owner says,"He's never done that before."
You have a bulk stop filling the floor of your pkg car and when you get there they are closed for the day, without notice.
You have a QVC ,freak lady, that gets 3 to 5 pkgs a day that meets you at the door and asks where they are from, and then refuses one of them.
You call the center for help and the first word you hear is,


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That on the only day of the week you really need to be off at reasonable time - that is the day absolutley NOTHING goes right.


..........you deliver a sleep number bed ( or any large item) and then a week later you get a call tag to pick it up?


That those same obliviots at the same call center send me oncalls for 12 skids of bicycles when the shipper calls in for a special 5 ton pickup because he knows my p800 is way too small.


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why is it ...
those same call center people tell a customer they can pick up a package that had a delivery attempt at 1pm between 5 and 730 at the customer counter the same day because ALL the drivers are done by that time.:funny:


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..........why is it the one "most important" package the customer is waiting for at your package car door while you toss and turn your truck ends up being the only package that got misloaded on another truck that day???


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why is it ...
those same call center people tell a customer they can pick up a package that had a delivery attempt at 1pm between 5 and 730 at the customer counter the same day because ALL the drivers are done by that time.:funny:


Yeah; not every building has SDWCs at the same time. At the location I'm at, the 800 # response is by 6pm at a different wrong buidling, plus they're actually 7:30-8:30 pm....

there's about 5-15 people a day going to the counter at 1-6pm demanding their package when they got the ticket the same day..suckers :sick: