Why is our freight already dropping off?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by rickyrocket, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. rickyrocket

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    I finally made it to top pay a couple months ago and here it is Sept and the freight is slowing down bigtime,our competitors are still busy,we dont even have enough trucks when it is busy,maintenance on the dinosaurs we do have is nonexistant,I've been driving trucks for more than 27 yrs and have never seen such poor equipment.Were alway's hearing about the UPS "BRAND"yet even small pkg.drivers have commented on how crappy the equipment looks,it's embarassing!is it like this everywhere or just in the northeast.
  2. HomeDelivery

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    in my part of NJ, all i see are nice and clean and somewhat new package cars running about... so it may just be your little state not getting it's share of the operating funds or mis-management with your fleet mechanics/ personnel

  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The OP is UPS Freight (formerly Overnite). It takes a while to bring a crap company in to the major leagues.
  4. bbsam

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    But we do eventually get there.
  5. TopCat

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    I live in Mi and it it ridiculously slow here.
  6. Spunkeymonkey

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    UPS Freight was the first to throw out the rate increase. Slowdown is partially an outcome of that increase. Other part has to do with pricing strategy. Company feels as if we can be higher than competition on accounts. Our operational capabilities are still second tier but management thinks we have made the big league. Prepare for further slowdown before reality sets in with Richmond.
  7. witheeze

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    Where is that 40% increase in freight just from takeing on the great brown name. Maybe it doesn't carry the weight as corporate thinks The truth is most of the customers we have left are the loyal overnite customers that like their drivers and just don't won't to change if it was solwly in upses hands and we made every stop in five min. Or less to make the scm look good on their confrance calls they would all move on Get to know your customers and try to keep what we have left
  8. Spunkeymonkey

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    UPS Freight is the same pig with a new dress. Operationally the company is performing worse than they did 5 years ago. On time performance is down and that is after factoring in the numerous exceptions they build in to add days of service to certain types of freight. Line haul is flat out broken. The company has grown but the hubs are all the same size. Their solution is to make more mini hubs which cannot perform in the time permitted hence the numerous exceptions to transit times. There is a catch, the customer has no idea if these exceptions. They are just internal excuses to lighten the load. Everyone knows the system is broke at freight. None of this matters as we are not about customer service. They have out sourced some of customer service to India. Think about the last 5 years. When is the last time they preached customer service? The customer is only mentioned as a necessary evil that is a source of accessorial charges. Charges that are suspect at best in most cases. When you cannot deliver on time, charge fraudulent fees, tear up the freight and not live up to your promises then how can you grow? The tightest ship in the shipping business is about to hit a iceberg. The captain needs to wake his ass up and step up to the helm. This ship is never too big to go down. What happened to YRC could easily happen here. A healthy portion of upper management came from the sinking ship that is YRC and uses those same customer hostile tactics here that tore the hole in that ship. Sometimes I wonder if it is ignorance or apathy that runs through managements veins. In the end they don't know and don't give a damn. They just are hanging on until retirement. Prepare for more stupidity because all of them a few more years to go before retirement. The only hope for immediate change and it exists as a real possibility is that Atlanta cans all freight management in Richmond. The GO and most departments are duplicates of what Atlanta already has in place. The same lack of leadership from the Mid Atlantic Mafia cannot continue if this company is to compete now and in the future. The growth we have experienced is simply based on the hard work of the employees leveraging UPS relationships. Management and their lack of leadership has already destroyed many of those relationships. No different than the old Overnite days. Remember same pig different dress.
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    Good post
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    Spunkeymonkey I have to agree,I make PU now where YRC is getting the majority of the freight & all the other carriers are getting twice what we get, I cant believe that it is slower this year than in 08! Were going backwards....yet they send us that BS magazine painting a rosey picture,it's frustrating
  11. BBAK

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    We were dead all through summer, and thats the busy season!!

    Things at this company are NOT looking good.

    10 city guys laid off, 7 road guys laid off and more not even working in both classifications. Things are getting ugly. Just wait til January.

    We will all be out of work soon.