Why software sucks: the podcast


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.......the same reason the company can get grandma's package from point A to point B but can't get the employee's paycheck right.

from a upser

because ups is run by a bunch of former package car drivers and truckers, and google is run by hip young an innovative computer geek nerds, who have their heads screwed on right.


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Why software sucks: the podcast - ZD Net
Why does Google know how to correctly translate a United Parcel Service tracking number, while the actual UPS website requires multiple entries just to get to the point where the tracking number can be entered?

The very first page of the UPS web site allows for the entry of a tracking number. Unless you're illiterate, it's right there. If you enter the wrong data, don't blame the software.

Google uses a streamlined set of software tools to interface to the UPS computers. That software can assume that all the required agreements (license, usage, etc.) are in place. That's not the case with the person off the street.

Pretending to know something about which you are obviously ignorant is analagous to rolling two wooden barrels down the street - one empty and one full. The empty barrel, like your uninformed comments, makes the most noise. It has less force than the full one, though.