Why Teens Can’t Get a Job

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    Brian Levine, co-owner of Tropical Smoothie Café, has had to make tough decisions that weren't even on
    the table a few years ago -- for instance, having to decide between giving a teen his or her first job
    giving adults who are out of work a chance to support themselves and their families.
    And it’s no easy task.

    "If you have two candidates for a job, and one has experience and will take $10 an hour, and the other is a
    teen with no experience, who do you think would get the job?" Ward says. "When jobs aren't there for
    anyone, it's that much harder."

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    There was a sign outside a garage I used to pass, everyday something different was posted.
    The one I will always recall said " quick hire an 18 yr old while he still knows everything ".