Why UPS Is Going Green

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    Why UPS Is Going Green - Seeking Alpha

    On May 13th UPS issued a press release to announce their purchase of 200 hybrid electric vehicles [HEVs] to compliment their already existing order for 300 compressed natural gas [CNG] vehicles for their US fleet.

    While this purchase has been spun as a positive marketing tool for UPS to improve the perception among consumers and their clients of the environmental initiatives they undertake, the true motives of these purchases still revolves around profitability for the company and a focus on decreasing costs.
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    How sad you would pick at this initiative. UPSers are consumers and have families as well. We are the number 1 contributor to United Way and you never read anything about it.

    i think as a moderator you need to look for better discussion topics !!!

    UPS Pride !!!
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    You should read the article. No one is picking on anyone in the article.