Why Won't UPS Take Care Of It's Own?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by branephood, Sep 25, 2003.

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    Hello all, longtime reader, first time poster. I'm a Virginia Upser and as you all know my state as well as several others were just devasted by Hurricane Isabel. Millions of power outages, home damage etc, you all know the story. I've been around long enough (19 years) to know the company line as far as not paying its employees for time not worked even during the most extreme circumstances. But as much money as UPS spends on other organizations, charities, sponsorships, scholarships, etc, you would think that Corporate would look up at us from Atlanta, and think "Hmmm, our people are without power, some have lost their homes and are in shelters, some have died, everyone has lost their perishable foods, (and the list goes on and on and on) at the very least we could pay them their regular wages so that they don't have to suffer more...After all, we help out a lot of non UPS employees out everyday, even communities in different countries." But no, they choose to save those dollars and add to our suffering. Thank you UPS! I bet we won't see a press release to the media from Corporate exposing their hyprocrisy like when they give millions away to other causes. I know I'll probably get some flack back from some of the other posters on this board, like telling me to get over it or whatever, but when I look outside my home and see 4 trees down , 2 through my garage, one through the roof of my daughters bedroom upstairs, and the other across my neighbor's front yard, not to mention no power for the past week with no end in sight and then to be told by UPS they can't even pay me for the days we were shut down because of the storm, well, I guess I wanted to vent a little bit. And in closing I wanted to add that I'm obviously not in management, or a union member like most of the folks here. I'm just a dad working here trying to survive and raise my kids....I'll just be doing it at a relatives house for the next few months.
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    I really don't see anything wrong with your post. I think you make a good point. Its clear the storm has been a hardship for you and your family. The only thing I can say is we did start supporting our troops and paying them while they are deployed overseas. Perhaps this is something we can also get them to consider.
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    My buddy at UPS is in the reserves and they took care of him financially while he got called up for a year after 9/11.

    Thanks UPS, that really helped him and his family out alot !
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    Many (me included) were highly upset when we had to report to work Thursday morning because today is a REGULAR workday. We were dispatched only to be called back to the center at 9:45 and sent home. The 8 Hour Guarantee has been refused due to Emergency Conditions. Beginning Wednesday evening (the night before) every media outlet along with emergency management officials told folks to find shelter ASAP. Some employees have suffered extensive property damage and denied any time off to make emergency repairs. 30-40 percent of the employees are still without power. One employee (see photo in another thread) whos home was destroyed was told he had to work Friday. Ive been told that I may face a warning letter for not working Friday, go for it UPS. I wont file a grievance, Ill file a report with local media instead. Managers and Supervisors from other affected areas have been forced to drive a 100 miles from home to help with delivery. Many of their families were left behind without power and other essentials. UPS did have a supervisor going person to person Monday morning asking if they had power, water and other essentials. No one has seen any help as of yet. Face it UPS, you guys really screwed this one up.
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    upsdude & branephood, when was the state of emergency put into effect for your area?
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    Dude I hate to say it but it sounds like you have a heck of a grievance if you were started and called back within an hour.
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    dude I agree with tieguy, hell you might even be able to sue the manager and UPS for gross misconduct depending on when the state of emergency went into effect. They knowing sent you out into harms way. I know it's tough to handle on top of every thing else. I volunteer for the Red Cross and do case work and shelter management. You might want to check with all the volunteer agencies who are helping with the recovery effert to see what type of help you may be eligible. The Red Cross is where I would suggest you start.
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    I've been called in to work after a major quake devastated southern California, also, during the LA riots, the LAPD called UPS to tell them to pull their drivers off the road. I had to drive through a burning, crazed city for eleven miles to return to my hub in shock. Bottom line is the packages and the money they produce are way more important than you. This company is much like the pony express that rode through hostile indian territory, the mail must get through, but you are expendable.
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    Its a shame UPS can contribute millions to the united way to be a good corp. citizen, but when it comes to helping our own.......they just dont get it.

    That is one of the reasons why our center is less than 10% contrib to the United Way. They or their agencies would not help some of our drivers during a problem like this here. Not even diapers or baby food. Really burned the hand that supported the united way.


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    The media would love it upsdude, but UPS is so powerful it would never make the news. Only the good stuff makes the news, not the negative stuff. If there is anything I can do personally to help, please respond through an email.
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    Apparently we caught up with things yesterday because we experienced a huge drop in volume today. The district operations manager met with us Wednesday morning and promised immediate help to the employees suffering from power loss and heavy property damage. NOTHING has happened yet. He talked about how UPS was having ice and other necessities shipped in, again, nothing. Im sure he hauled butt to his comfortable home (with electricity) and never looked back. Oh, about that huge drop in volume today, you guessed it, most drivers were dispatched with a 10 hour day. And another thing, we need those United Way Cards filled out and turned in. During times of disaster you really find out what folks are made of. The drivers caught up 2 days of work a day early, no call ins, no injuries. UPS showed us just how much they appreciate the job well done, a bagel and a 10 hour day. I really do wonder how they sleep at night.
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    Don't punish the United Way in your anger at UPS. I've known UPSers that have personally benefitted from United Way funded agencies, so I contribute.

    I don't know if the United Way is the agency for this type of emergency. I agree that the Red Cross is the place to start.
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    I have never heard of ONE UPS employee to benefit from the United Way.One of our close friends baby is very very sick ans he needs to go to other doctors out of the plan for tests and checks of all his vital organs.He ever has flown to another country to try a drug that is NOT allowed in the United States.He tried to get assistance from the United Way but he did not qualify.He made too much money.Our building and the other two in our district(including management) raised over 5,000 for his family.Our management basically has to force the donations on us from the people up at corprate.I am sure they dont agree with the incident that happened with our friend, but he recieved nothing.If you want to give to United Way, why dont you mail them a check directly, you do NOT have to give it through UPS so they can use this as a generous employer.Remember guys, its all a number game at UPS.Kelly, Eskew all of the others at upper UPS really could give a rats ass about any of you. You are just a number, a social security number at that.If you feel generous, give the guy at the local supermarket who served in Vietnam and is living in a box some money.
    PS didnt the CEO of the United Way get caught using millions of dollars to furish his house...lmao[​IMG]
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    Yes the CEO was found with his hand (up to his shoulder) in the cookie jar. I'm not a big fan of the United Way either, and question their guide line's for assistance.
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    Hello all, I haven't been able to view any responses lately, (still out of power and using my parents pc) but sadly I have to report NOTHING has changed as far as UPS's stance on this issue. Several co-workers contacted Corporate in regard to the pay policy to express some outrage and to try and get an explanation as to why UPS refuses to help its own people. Again it's understood what the policy is, but you would just think that UPS would make an exception as far as paying its workers REGULAR pay during the time UPS was shut down. I and many others would have come to work if we had power and phones. Again, those circumstances are no one's fault so no blame there. We just don't get why UPS won't help out in time of need. Not just us here, but UPS'ers everywhere when something like this occurs. Not looking for a huge handout, just hourly pay would be nice.

    Oh and get this...remember none of us got paid for 4 days...We had a meeting (complaint session) with management, and they pretty much blasted us as a group for complaining amongst ourselves, and said WE should pull together and help each other, like bringing in food, ice supplies, etc for each other, or at least the ones who had power could help some of us out. But of course the management team who lost NO PAY AT ALL haven't lifted a finger to do anything like that. They want us (who lost money) to chip in and help. I would in no way accept or expect help from my co-workers seeing as how we're all in the same boat. We all lost but the want to bitch us out for not helping each other in a monetary way. Scandalous!
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    I'm confused how is it this hurricane tore through Virginia and yet missed all the management houses. Someone needs to investigate this. It sounds like corporate may have bribed the weather man.
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    "bribed the weather man"

    Perhaps Mother Nature was in on it too.

    What has the Teamsters been doing for the folks who have had severe losses? Where are the fund organizers on this? Usually, if there is a need, someone starts passing the hat, etc. I have not seen anything like that on this board.

    Positive action beats blaming and whining any day of the week.

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    Afups, you divide us. I agree the union should jump in and help out, but many of us brown bloods are more UPS than Union. The company we have worked for all these years has more money and resources than the union will ever have. I realize that statement will get jumped on, but it is true. Having said that, I must say there would be no need for a union if employers would just do the right thing. Pay your people as well as is feasible. Treat them with reapect. Realize they are your bread and butter and LISTEN when they have a suggestion. Many companies work well with those simple rules.

    As far as the hurricane situation, UPS and the Union should be doing all they can to help those that are hurting. If not, Shame on both of them.
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    AFUPS the teamsters wont be given away almost a billion dollars in dividens this year on top of a couple of more billion in profits. I wouldnt mind if my stock went down a little to help these people.
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    People, can we save the in fighting for another time please!! Our fellow co-workers need help.

    I have sent an e-mail to "branephood" to see what they may need in that area, I'll post it when I get it.