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    After 32 years of loyalty to my job, I was wrongly and illegally fired from my job. What kind of people do this? Our company was recently taken over by UPS. Because I was vocal about faulty equipment, and other operational problems, I was a marked man. UPS supply chain solutions(my ex-employer) in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and it's ***deleted***, has effectively silenced me and wrecked my life.
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    Why were you fired?
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    I mean what is there reasons? File and fight!
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    Last I checked, you can't be fired for being a whistle-blower. As a matter of fact, a UPS mechanic won a few million in court recently over whistle-blower retaliation.
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    Well first you need to delete real names off this site, and two you need put more details then blah blah blah
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    Can you please elaborate on your job title? Im not sure if the hourlies in oak creek are union, but we do have some runs that go up that way from here.

    Explain a little more in detail, you have rights and routes to take if this is true, union or not there are laws in place.
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    i agree, unless more is posted that clarifies the post, troll for sure

    i koi? any reason for koi?

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    check your pm.
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    Here we go again, and now I have to delete myself because I use my real name, UGH!!!
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    unless your real name is also false.
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    If this poster is sincere,although he's bound to get negative reactions,he picked the best place for advice by registering and saying his say here in the bc.
    On the other hand if he's a troll(that term is getting old,)we will never hear from him again.
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    DS, you said it sooooooo much better than i. i guess that is why you get the big bucks, and a bigger turkey at christmas?:wink2:


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    No, I will delete it for you stealing my real name. Ha!!!!!
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    I am not computer wise, this is my first ever posting. I was a driver/dockworker. Our company, Menlo, was bought out by UPS about 5 years ago. At first, I was impressed, that went away real quick! When I left, we still didn't have a sign in front of the place! You people have no idea what these people did to me, or for what reasons. These jerks knew I wanted to retire this year! they knew I was trying to contact the retirement folks, and they fired me anyways! I will never forget this! PS, They won't even let me on their property again!
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    Then enlighten us. A few questions for you.
    1. before the buy out, did you belong to a union? if yes, what union?
    2. Did the employees join a/the union AFTER the buy out?
    3. If you were/are in a union did you file grievances regarding your termination?

    Calm down a little and give the people here something to work with to try and help you out. Soberups and 705Red are both pretty contract savy when it comes to UPS package contracts and maybe they can offer some advice.
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    First of all as a terminated employee i advise you not to go anywere near their property. Here in chicago menlo at one time was the old emery and now is csi locgitics. Which is also represented by the teamsters, now in oak creek were you a member of the union at your shop?

    Here is the corporate hotline at least for ups but maybe it will work for you, 800 220 4126.

    You could also file a complaint with dot and other state agencies.