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  1. Why is it every contract us part timers get the short end of it? What have we done so wrong for us to pretty much get overlooked in getting our fair share of the pie? Yeah we get some things so i'm covering that end of the argument, but its crumbs in relation to how much the company is bringing in and what the drivers and others get within this company, it's not crumbs altogether because we get healthcare and such but IN RELATION to what is being cut out of the huge UPS profit pie, we get the crust of it but why?

    I'm all for all of us prospering within this company, but let's be serious, at the end of this proposed contract, drivers will top out at around $37! And you mean to tell me some of that money couldn't have been allocated to giving part timers at least a decent one time 'catch-up' raise ($1.50 along with the new hires) to go with our new progression of .70 cents? The sad thing is, it shouldn't even come down to having to vote down the TA, it should have already been covered IN the TA to begin with. 4 year driving progression, split driver helper pay (below our normal insider pay rate), essentially a pay CUT with the new proposed added healthcare deductibles and co-pays, the new healthcare alone can eat up a ptimers check if we use it.

    Sorry so long, and this whole post may be mute, but just wanna ask Why do us ptimers get treated like the red headed stepchildren of this company?
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    because part-timers don't vote!

  3. Which is true, BUT why can't this stuff be put in the INITIAL proposals to begin with? So at least whether the ptimers vote or not it would already be in there!?
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    Bc most can't afford to join your great union.. how much was minimum wage in your state in let's say 1985? Google it, I rest my case. Healthcare means nothing to a bunch of twenty years olds. You guys offer nothing. Part timers come and go, no one stays long enough to vote.
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    What he said. And it has happened forever.
  6. Now can you answer the question I posted in post #3?
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    He did answer your question. These topics always come up in the proposal meetings and don't make it to the tentative agreements. Part timers do outnumber the Full timers but a lot of them don't join the union and vote. Its as simple as that. I didn't join my first three years myself because I wasn't planning on making UPS a career at that time.
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    I will try.

    So.... Your question or statement is;

    Proposals should be submitted.... for the benefit of the part-timers.... who will not even vote ? Help me out.

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    ​What he said.
  10. No, it should be submitted to benefit us ALL equally, full-timers, part-timers and retiree's alike. Not one group getting the major share of things and the others getting the shaft (retirees being thrown under the bus with over the top healthcare increases and ptimers getting petty raises when the company is making BILLIONS, yes thats with a B a YEAR in PROFITS, yes thats after ALL expenses including us are paid.)
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    Talk to your fellow part timers in your building and see how involved or how much they care about the union. As others have said above me, for the most part timers are not involved nor do they care about the union unless they get into trouble. The part timers in this company outnumber the full timers and the contract should involve part timers, but with the part time apathy that I see in just my building, it makes me understand how they are not included in the proposals for the contract.
  12. Yeah, you're right and that pretty much answers the question. Sad reality but it's true what you say.

    However I will still put some of the blame on our union leaders for not taking care of us all as a whole. That new hire raise? Really isn't one if you think about it, because minimum wage at the pace it's going will meet or exceed that amount before this new proposed contract expires, minimum wage as a FACT is going up to $9 in 2014, so what do ya think it will be in 2018 when this contract expires? So essentially they HAD to up the starting wage, wasn't an option so they did us part timers no favors there, although on the surface it looks like it but it truly is a slight of the hand by the union.

    Other than that, under my starting contract (2002-2008) we got $.475 split raises totaling $.95 a year, why is that being reduced to $.70 a year? What have we done to keep getting decreased like this. I would totally understand not to have a hand out for more if UPS was not profiting as much as it is, but for them to be profiting as much as they are, you would think our union would either keep us with the things we have now or get us MORE, not take away. Speaking for the ptimers here. And yes as stated in the beginning, we all understand, most ptimers don't participate when it comes to negotiating our futures, but thats the negotiations teams duty FIRST even before we have a voice and they seem to care less than we do, but we are a UNION heh.
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    Because many exercised their Right To Freeload. All the benefits of the union without the cost - or voting rights.
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    google supply and demand. it will have your answer.

    no trying to be rude, sarcastic, or facetious. just trying to point out that your job requires NO skill and that 90% of the population can do it and are willing to do it for slave wages.
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    So what is the going rate for those highly-skilled combo people again?

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    Get rid of all the 22.3 jobs and maybe PTers can get make a decent wage.
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    Well join us and get the message out. Part timers along side FTimers are mobilizing and voting no. If it is not good for everyone, those to come and those before than NO NO NO. Google VOte No on UPS contract and join the conversation
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    We get the same raises as you. And now there is better driving opportunity for PTers. You have an amazing PT job. Probably one of the best in terms of compensation. You can work at other places in addition to UPS. I cannot as I'm a driver and have no time. Some of my PT friends also do landscaping or are waiters. They kill it in the cash department in addition to getting awesome health.

    My advice:
    1) See things as they are, not worse.
    2) See it better than it is.
    3) Make it better than how you see it.
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    An amazing PT job? Hahaha are you serious? In my building 1 out of 10 hires actually stays and doesnt quit, they all say all this work for $9 an hour and 20 hours a week. Thats on top of waking up at 230 in the am. What a joke!