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    Why am I locked out?
  2. Jones

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    I would like to know that as well, am I missing something?
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    This may take a while but go back through all the threads at Browncafe (mostly the political ones so that will limit your search) and pay specific attention to the posts by SusieDriver, Tieguy, Dannyboy, Moreluck and I may be leaving some out but that comes pretty close to it and you can draw your own conclusions. I personally had my disagreements with Susie and there was some areas that we did agree and there were some occassions I thought she crossed the line (and told her so via PM's) but she wasn't completely alone in that department as there were numerous cases of that happening that didn't directly involve her. Actually in a number of PM's we exchanged where there was no outside pressure of opposing debate (although she and I agreed to disagree in many areas) I found Susie not only enjoyable to talk to but on sevaral occassions very fun as we talked about issues far removed from UPS, politics, religion, etc. that seemed at the heart of many a flame war that errupted. In fact, several people here that I've talked with via PM are a different person when the crowds aren't around and I'd say that likely holds true of most of us including myself so no real surprise there. Hell, everyone's different away from UPS are they not?

    As ironic as it may seem, from my political point of view, other than their positions as they relate ot cults of personalities of political figures, I saw both Susie and Tie as fellow travelers when it came to the size and scope of gov't. I don't think either realized from someone looking from afar how much alike they really were in their political andsocial thinking. I'm sure both would explode reading this and again more proof of their being alike. Man if they could ever hook up I'd bet they could have some passionate..... Oooooo I better not go there!

    Having her banded however (if that has happened)was not something I myself approved but this ain't my website either and if Cheryl feels it was needed then I accept that and just go on. A number of other persons have appeared and some have alledged it was Susiedriver under another alias and that may or may not be true (personally don't care) but the bottomline is look over the many threads especially in the Current Events folder and decide for yourself. You may feel as I do or you may agree with others that she should go.

    One important fact that does IMO hold weight and that was the fact that Susie herself stated that once UPS stock hit $80 per share that she would sell her holdings and depart Browncafe forever. Cheryl can't force her to sell her shares but maybe on the departing forever part, Cheryl held her to that promise since UPS is now beyond that shareprice threshold!

    Good luck in wasting your valuable time if you choose to do so because as I've said before and I'll say it again, everything IMO we say here including my comments is nothing but a lot of hoowey and won't change a damn thing at the end of the day other that giving ourselves some grand illusion of self importance to our own ego.

    Yeah I really do believe that!
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    :ban:I didn't do it. :no: No one has been banned.
    The only action taken in response to this particular flame war was in response to a couple of emails complaining about personal attacks. A total of 3 posts made by 2 different posters were deleted. The posts contained no real content, just name calling...

    I did make one technical change a couple of days ago that may have caused users that post under more than one user name to experience some problems. I'm not sure if it is related to the "lock out", but the board's settings have been reset back to their original state to see if that fixes the problem.

    If anyone has problems logging in please send me an email so I can trouble shoot any technical issues.

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    Now Why would the Why thread be posted under Current events??:ohmy:

    If ever there were a non event this would be it. Of course the liberal news media might just rank this up there with all their other important news stories!!:lol:

    What a banner day!!:w00t:
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    Not sure why anyone claims to be locked out. Wkmac the conversation is credible until you try to somehow make Susan sound sane. Susan was a raving lunatic who exhibited stalker traits far and above normal message board flames. She should have been banned from this message board and probably should have been locked up in a padded cell.
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    Yeap, from what I call tell you are correct. All the alias' many claim are Susie including her original "susiedriver" are still active in the membership list and active for PM purposes so no ban that I can see.

    OK class, pay attention as we are now going to learn our new word of the day. Get our your pencils and paper and pay close attention to the chaulkboard and repeat after me!

    D R A M A Q U E E N

    Our word for the day is Drama Queen!

    BTW Tie: I still think you and her are very much alike!
    :lol: :lol: :devil:
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    Thats fine I'll consider the point. Could you help me understand your view by telling me who I stalked. Perhaps paste a link to show me where i used a family members picture of some other poster as my icon. Perhaps remind me of a time I sought out and found someones house here and then snuck around taking pictures of it. Only to then also post those pictures in an effort to intimidate some other poster here? And no I won't bother posting any smiley faces when I ask these questions.
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    Stalking, etc. got nothing to do with it although your PM to OK2BC about his mother does come pretty close but I see you and Susie a lot alike in that you both are risk adverse and want gov't to take care of you. You may differ in specifics on some occassions but otherwise you both share very similar views in the power and scope of gov't. You just want a larger economic freedom than maybe she does and she wants a larger civil freedom. Rather interesting classical battleline if you ask me but again, this is my point of view.

    You both also share an intolerance for people with very differing opinions than yourself and you'd have a hard time adapting to knowning that people live other lives quite well that in many ways are opposite of your own.

    Here's another important point that you may or may not understand but it's still very valid. Did Susie cross the line more than once? Yeap! Absolutely! The question is how far for me. In my case, the only event that I have some knowledge of and it's limited is that Susie was able to obtain a picture of someone's family member here an use it as an avatar. I also learned this pic was available via the internet at the company this family member worked for and it's possible something was said in this public forum that led Susie to that pic. Now it's still chicken :censored2: on her part for doing what she did and if Cheryl banned her for it I stand behind Cheryl completely but unless you have some proof and I'm open to any potential here, I have no reason to believe she hacked into someone's computer as I heard one concern to this and to be honest at the time that was a very legit concern. As to the other charges I have no direct proof because other than her wild eyed charges, very much like your own, that she made I didn't see the other events that you claimed. Not saying they didn't happen, it's just I didn't see them. I'm not denying the wreck happened, it's just I wasn't on that street at the time to see it. I'm not siding with her against you or you against her until I know for myself that such and such happened. Is she capable? Yeah, I think she could be but then after the PM you sent to OK2BC I have to ask what you are capable of. One of the greatest men to ever walk the planet once asked of a rioting crowd, "he who is without sin let him cast the first stone!" To be honest, the way many of us have acted from time to time I'd not be surprised if Cheryl considered banning us all!
    :lol: We'd deserve it if she did!

    Maybe the real truth in all of this is we all have some degree of sin and to lay blame souly at one is just wrong. You also have to realize that if you willfully stomp on a rattlesnake, that rattlesnake will bite back and we all have some rattlesnake in us so when we stomp we should remember that we do stand the chance of getting bit. Reminds me of "he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword" and that goes for any of us. Like Susie, Tie when you are away from various political subjects or near and dear to heart subjects to you, I find you a very nice guy, even fun and funny. I'd have no problem grilling out ribs with Susie or killing a beer and steak with you. Hey I'd even buy without a 2nd thought and I'd bet we'd have a lot in common and I can even see your point of view even on some of these more "testy" subjects. But like I said, all we say here at the end of the day is nothing but a bunch of hot air so why get so worked up over all this crap. If Susie wants to play the drama queen, then let her. It's called ignore and it does work.

    c ya and enjoy your weekend.

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    Also Cheryl, I want to clarify my comment above about Susie being banned. I don't believe that has been the case and my comments to Tie about banning Susie should have said "HAD" Cheryl banned Susie not that you have in fact as my wording seems to suggest or may appear to some to suggest. Sorry for my poor wording on that.
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    maybe the truth of the matter is that while this is a message board there are times you should keep your opinions to yourself just like its not always polite to fart in public.

    I think Susan is a sick sadistic psycho path who should have been arrested for what she did. Your defense of her makes you a kiss-ass your comparison of her to me unwarranted. Perhaps I should start comparing you to some sick sadistic pedophillic muderer and tell you how there were times this sicko actually demonstrated warm human traits.

    My PM was totally justified. Okie attacked my service to my country. I don't expect anyone to kiss my but over my service. But I do expect it to be respected and left alone. My PM was on equal footing with Okies comments and totally 100 percent justified.

    Stop getting cute with the wording. There is no way you ever can defend Susan and her sickness. And you definitely should never ever compare her to any other posters here.
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    I'll let you words be the final standing on this matter!
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    Lol! Rotflmoa!
  14. tieguy

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    If you had then you would not have responded. an apology was also in order.