***? wierd shipping problems????

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    Well im not sure if this is the right place to post this but.........im wondering what happend! So i recently ordered a package online last tuesday......it said it would be here on friday. but the package never got here so i check the site at 10pm and it said "emergency conditions beyond ups' control" which i expected because of the horrid weather.....and i got rescheduled for delivery on the 15th. so i wake up and the site hasnt updated since friday and it still says rescheduled for delivery on feb 15 and the emergency conditions beyond ups' control thing..... so i get home and the ups guy stops in front of my house and im all excited and then he goes in the back for probrobly 2 mins and i here boxes and stuff being shuffled. then he comes out...writes something down on a piece of paper and drives off!!!! what happend!?!? and will my package ever be delivered or the site at least updated?

    i hope it isnt lost...
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    It sounds like the package was listed in the drivers manifest but the loader put the package on the wrong truck. We all hate it when this happens but the package will most likely be delivered tomorrow. Try tracking it again. Sorry this happened to you.
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    first, welcome to the brown café. while it might not be the right place for a quick answer.......

    it could be any number of things, and several have nothing to do with your address or package, it was just a convenient place to pull over and check on something.

    as the poster said above, we are sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused.

    also, please be patient with us as we try to catch up. most likely your package is on a trailer, and since they have not unloaded your package, it still shows delay. i promise, we will get your package to you as quickly as we can.