Will I go full time or not?

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    Hey guys........I have been with UPS for 10 years and TCD for 7 but still part time. Yes, I've been waiting that long. Just no turnaround where I am plus we've watched approx. 8-10 drivers fired, retired, quit, etc and no replacements.. Anyhow, me and another guy are the next 2 up. They sent a couple of guys to driving school a couple of months ago and the word was that they don't do that unless they plan to move someone on up. The word is that our center mgr put in for 2 new full time hires after the first of the year but now he has been "hopefully" temporarily relieved of his duties for some kind of investigation. Does anyone know how that works? Will we still go full time if he isn't back yet or does it have to go through him? Just wondering.......It's been a long ride and ready to jump in full........Thanks!!!
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Talk to your center management and to the Union agent.
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    I love it when the center manager is relieved of his duties during an investigation.
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    Special assignment?
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    I think it's the grim reaper coming for their soul. Don't sell it management because this plague will pass and your mark of the beast will stay tattooed on you for all to see.

    God bless
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    could be crazy leave
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    thats a long time bro...im headed towards 8 myself...3 people on my sort have been there 10,11, and 12 years...still no end in sight either...hang in there they say its worth it but obviously we dont know yet
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    It's all seniority so if drivers Are hired you will be in line for a spot.
  9. barnyard

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    I am betting that the OP will know the answers to his questions from his center way before anyone on here knows.

    We also have 10 year PT people at my center waiting for a slot.
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    So much for hiring drivers in their "peak years"...a part-timer, hired at 25 years old, could be 40 before given a chance to become a full-time driver. ;(
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    There was some guy on here a while back who has a cousin who can get somebody a driving job whenever he wants to.
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    These threads make me appreciate my job so much more being an off the street hire to FT driver.
  13. Re-Raise

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    Seriously to the original poster, I feel your pain brother.

    To quote one of the old time drivers when I was a pre-loader in the same position as you, he told me "You aren't the first one to ride that pony around here"

    I worked part-time for almost 7 years before going full-time. That was 20 years ago.

    The company has invested a lot of money into technology (EDD/PAS) which has allowed them to get more productivity out of their drivers. We are running fewer routes now then we were when I started 27 years ago, in spite of the increase in volume.

    They will do anything to keep from taking on the expense of making someone full-time, with the increase in wages and pension costs that come with it.

    But , they will have to, and you will get your shot. Then you can come on here and complain about being a driver like the rest of us do.
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    I've never heard of a company that has you work p/t for years in order to go full time. Then when you go fulltime, they work you 45+ hours a week! UPS does a lot of things differently than most companies, maybe that is why they are still profitable.