Will not be able to pass DOT physical

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  1. Kis124

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    I will never be able to pass the DOT physical due to a heart condition, am I forever stuck in PT? or will they be obliged to create a 22.3 job for me when the time comes? I'm sure I can do car wash, but to get in, you have to be a fill in until there is an opening. I don't want to commit to a fill in position because I need to find full time employment. Be it 2 part times, or full time at UPS. Yes, I am there for the bennies. So leaving isn't an option. My health care is too expensive without them.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    They will not be obliged to create a 22.3 just for you but you should be eligible to sign when they post a bid sheet.

    Have you been told by a doctor that your heart condition would disqualify you from a driving position?
  3. Kis124

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    I have had 2 heart attacks. Both while employed by UPS. The medicine that I take causes insomnia. Sometimes I don't sleep more than a couple hours in days. But no, no doctor has told me I couldn't, just assumed that my issue would be a problem.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Everything that you need to know about the DOT physical can be found on upsers.com You can download the part of the qualification process that deals with your health issues, bring this to your doctor who will then determine whether your condition precludes from becoming a driver.

    I do have to agree that it sounds as though your health issues may disqualify you from driving.
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    Had these health problems occurred while you were FT, yes under the ADA, UPS would most likely be accommodating your condition. I don't believe they must create a special FT for you, though.
  6. TearsInRain

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    work PT at UPS, use tuition reimbursement to go to school, etc.
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    Are you obligated to divulge medical history? Having recently passed my DOT physical, so long as you aren't blind or deaf, and don't have high blood pressure, you are good to go. Don't see how they could disqualify you if you are currently healthy. Though if you have had two heart attacks, you probably wouldn't pass. Though it's not held against you if you take blood pressure meds. Treated like any other IIRC. Either you pass or you don't.
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    You are totally and completely wrong.
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    going to school is not an option. the term is REimbursement which means I have to pay it first. If I could do that, I wouldn't need another job. BTW I am in my 40's...I have bills...don't live home with mom and dad like a lot of our pt people.
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    Why do you assume the heart attack will disqualify you? We had a driver who had 4 heart attacks in our center. He retired after 28 years. He had to have the DOT physicals every year as a result of the heart attacks, but he passed every year. Don't be so quick to give up. Talk to your own personal doctor now before it is time for the exam. Find out what you need to do to pass.
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    They could very well put you on a shorter DOT schedule. I've even known of drivers that had to have them every 6 months to make sure everything is well.
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    I have chronic A-fib. Causes my my blood pressure to spike to dangerous levels. I have been taken out of my cardiologist office by ambulance twice. I cannot hide this condition, it is well documented at my hub as I have missed time, and have had 2 cath procedures. I take 2 medicines to slow my heart rate down, and so far has worked pretty well. The insomnia is what I worry about.
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    ADA In this company is a SCAM! unless you are their golden child, YOU WILL NEVER GET PLACEMENT!
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    hey if you have to ask on this site . you dont have a clue and to me you dont want a full time job. just bow out now.
  15. Kis124

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    You are a jack a** was asking a serious question. No one at my hub knows anything, and hr is useless. Keep your negative comments to yourself. This forum is a way to ask questions. No question is stupid unless it goes un asked.
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    IM ajerk? LETS SEE is that the first time ive been told that??? ill think about that. now you getting flustered calling me a jerk could give you a heart attack and ruin your chances of becoming a 22.3 job that they are gonna make for you. now back to the question at hand.you ccould ask a doctor or get the company nurse her phone each district has one.. but being in center that is clueless i feel sorry for you so im gonna say (BOw out bow out :surprised: and dont think you can hurt my feelings about calling me a jerk . i have no feelings left / the feeling i do have ill keep to my self i save them for managment and you:wootsmiley:
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    They dont' have to create anything for you as I understand the contract and the company itself. Good luck on a 22.3 job as our building all 22.3 jobs were "dissolved" in 2009. We are going the way of the dinosaur I'm afraid. As for the DOT it depends on your State DOT requirements and your Dr. I have had a heart attack and maintain my DOT but now have to sit there every year, get a stress test every other. The Company Dr tried to tell me a stress test is required every year from my Dr, it is not under our State law if my Dr deems it not necessary. Study the rules of your State and decide if it's worth it.
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    that was a well thought ot answer very informative. except at the end you sait see if the state thinks it worth it you should have changed it and said if hes worth it
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    why does everyone assume I am a HE?
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    Ever thought about going into to management, you don't even need a heart !!!