Will Obama apologize?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, Jun 25, 2009.

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    TEHRAN (Reuters) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Barack Obama on Thursday of behaving like his predecessor toward Iran and said there was not much point in talking to Washington unless the U.S. president apologized.
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    That statement right there proves Ahmadinejad is insane. Obama likes to apologize for everything, I wouldn't be surprised if he did.
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    Apparently not!

    Obama: I Don't Take Ahmadinejads Apology Demand Seriously
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    This thread's title is:
    "Will Obama Apologize?"

    I'll apologize ......I am so sorry that B.O. is our president !! :sad-little:
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    "The United States has gone out of its way not to interfere with the election process in Iran, and I'm really not concerned about Mr. Ahmadinejad apologizing to me," Obama said in a joint White House appearance with German Chancellor Angela Merkel after they conferred privately.
    "I would suggest Mr. Ahmadinejad think carefully about the obligations he owes to his own people, and he might want to consider looking at the families of those beaten, shot or detained. That's where Mr. Ahmadinejad and others need to answer their questions," he said.

    For what it's worth that's probably the correct response, given that we're not really in a position to do much else about it.
    Interesting take on the situation: click
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    He should publicly encourage the people of Iran to overthrow the council and ahmadinejad. He should set up radio and tv transmitters on Irans border that can transmit completely across thier country and keep feeding those people with western news, music and support. Westernization is the next best thing to a quick spreading cancer.

    I'm not sure why we keep playing nice with the idiots running that country.
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    That is the LAST thing we should do.

    The people of that country hate us because we have been screwing them over and meddling in their internal affairs for the last 70 years or more.

    If we take any sort of active role, we play into Ahmedinejad's hands and allow him to distract the people from their political disputes by rallying them all around the flag to unite against the common enemy---us.

    The Iranian government is doing a perfectly good job of screwing the situation up for themselves with their brutal tactics against the protesters. They dont need our help, and neither does the opposition. We need to stay the hell out of it and let them figure it out. Any public statements on our part should be limited to calling for a peaceful and democratic solution to the problem.
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    I read a very good article here that supports exactly what you just said and it uses a bit of 100 year old history to make the point. I wouldn't vote for Obama for dog catcher but with the Iranian uprising, so far IMO he's for the most part is doing the right thing. However, Obama's not restrained from following some of what Tie is suggesting in some manner (I think it's a mistake) although it's just being played a bit more low key. I don't think Obama is at the point of taking the approach like we did in Waco or with Noriega and blasting out Ahmadinejad with American "rock & roll" mind you but it's obvious he's quitely taking up "again" the Bush doctrine approach when it comes to Iran.

    Also, by sticking our nose in ever farther and understanding our own past self destructive path regarding this region, our actions would only further these type of allegations giving them legs for the existing gov't to use as propaganda. Former Military Intel/CIA officer Philip Giraldi has said it well that with Iran, we should stay out and I agree, especially given our own govt's history over there.

    Besides, as is pointed out, our history of meddling in this nation's affairs with very bad results is such that if it looks as if we've choosen a side, it could actually harm the cause. I think Tie's idea means well and has good intentions but I think if we stay out, the Iranian people have a better chance. That's MO anyway.


    Good point about "the idiots running that country" and it just makes my point that this is just more proof that the American people and Iranian people do share a whole lot more in common than we realize!
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    I think you're partially correct. I think the 33 percent of that country that are over 30 may hate us for meddling in thier country.

    the 66 percent that is under the age of 30 are very pro west and very pro US and would welcome more vocal support of them.

    In any case my post is a clear seperation from true meddling. My suggestion keeps them informed to the ways of the western world. What they do with that information is then up to them.

    Suppressive ideoligies such as Irans are a true suupression of the principles this country was founded on. We have an obligation to encourage, inform and support the people of countries that seek to move toward a freer society.
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    Yeah...Lets play sandlot.....hoo rah

    Clear'em out, tap into that black gold and move in like the Beverly Iraq'i Hills Clampetts.....Where's my banjo....squeal....
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    Interesting. My point to place strong transmitters on the iranian borders keeping the iranian people informed equated to an atomic bomb blast?

    Wipe the sleep out of your eyes and drink some coffee before posting next time.

    Ah thats right you're one of those liberal types. Probably drink tea made from hemp?
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    HEMP TEA! Where'd I put that beer pitcher at damn it!


    Just a quick note of housekeeping Tie, hemp has such low levels of THC that you'd have to smoke a field of it to get high. It's marijuana tea that has the real kick but I still understood your point made.

    Hey Dezzy, got some Columbian Red Bud Tea? Or should that be Dizzy?
    :wink2: I wanna get dizzy too!

    Here we are talkin' this after I heard Humble Pie's "30 Days in the Hole" coming home from work last night. Thank you college radio, only thing on radio worth listening too. Everything else is just garbage IMO. OOOpps, I forgot Classical and Jazz on NPR!

    Think I'll play Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf and remember back in the day!
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    While I brew some Sumatra Java from the muslim country of Indonesia, allow me to meddle into your meddling alternative towards Iran, and prove once and for all the neo-con religious right knee jerk reaction is dead wrong.
    Coming from the support network that brilliantly meddled us into Iraq, now your buddies want the President to once again meddle in Iran and possibly join them in their fight. Why not? It's not as if history has shown us any cautionary examples, or has it. In 1953 after Irans leader told he taking the oil away from the foriegn corperations to profit off of it, the CIA deposed of him and helped install the unelected Shah of Iran hiding in exile. When the Shah left the country again in the revolution 1979 the US once again helped this human rights abuser escape again. Under fears the US would once again reinstall the Shah to Iran, that fueled support to the Iyatollah Khomeini forces and demanded no more US meddling. Meanwhile, in Iraq, Suddam Hussien's armies gained power and once again the US sold Arms to Iraq which helped extinguished hundreds of thousands of Iranians during the Iraq/Iran war. Not finished yet Tie...Soon after we gave tons of weapons to Afghan rebels to repel the Soviets, which in turn surplus end up in the hands of our buddy Osama Ben Ladin and his posse. So in other words Tie, why not install another player like Mousavi as president of Iran who also pledges alligence to the Iyatollah, what else can possibly go wrong ?
    You know, a good lesson was learned a hundred years ago when Roosevelt and Taft decided not to intervene overseas under pressure from the religious right once again in a civil war clash with an entity called the Mashruteh, similiar to the green revolutionairies we see today. And that country Roosevelt decided not to intervene was IRAN.


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    As Ozzy would say

  15. Baba gounj

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    has problems that no one seems to be talking about;
    high drug use
    high unemployment
    its army is fighting and losing battles against the Kurds
    this whole election shamble is fixed from the start with only pre-selected canidates
    they have been caught supplying arms into Iraq
    their office of president is only a puppet
  16. Baba gounj

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  17. tieguy

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    It appears you just wasted a couple hundred words since I never advocated military intervention. In any case you took the correct approach. Your president does not have the doo dads to do the right thing better to make excuses for him.
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    As the late Paul Harvey would say, "and now for the rest of the story!"
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    I always liked that part of the Paul Harvey show. "and that little boy grew up and continued to face disappointments throughout his whole life.........his face can be seen on the five dollar bill and the penny. That little boy grew up to be the 16th president of the united states. Yes, folks, Abraham Lincoln. And now you know the rest of the story"

    couldn't stand any other part of his show. "Page 2 Agribusiness" and then he would usually tell a lame joke at the end and after he delivered the terrible punchline, he would be cackling and seemingly could barely to get the words out "Paul Harvey.. chuckle chuckle, ........goOd Day"
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    Your kind of advocation may seem harmless to you, but can easliy, and has proven by the past to morph into chaos, death and destruction. And when the revolt gets squashed, pummelled, and pulverized you'll drop the rebelious ones like a jilted bride on a hot summer day, creating more hostility and hatred towards the west. Is it really our interest to aide those in Iran who think their vote didn't count , or is it really our own self interest to entrench our meat hooks even deeper in that part of the world.
    Not excusing our President, but he's going about it the right way. Although I'm concerned he maybe caving into the (neo)anderthals of the right. Obviously, those who form your opinion haven't yet learn from the past. Meddling is meddling, whether it be militarily, sercret operative, electroincally, the computer age, cell tech, or thru threats via vocal opposition. Even if you advocate meddling on a small scale, thats like packing a snowball on the top of a mountain and rolling it downhill.