Will seasonal driver helper position open up again?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by LastXdeth, Dec 8, 2018.

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    I worked as a seasonal driver helper from November - December last year (2017) at the center in Forest Park, GA. This year, I was occupied with school and didn't get done with semester until Thursday this week, so I didn't get to apply early like I did in November last year.

    The last appointment I saw on jobs-ups.com for Forest Park was December 3rd. Since then, there hasn't been any other appointments. I was wondering if UPS usually opens up seasonal driver positions during the middle of December. I know each hub has different operational tempos, but I just want to know if I at least have a chance to work with UPS again this season or if it's too late.
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    Most centers continually hire in December due to new driver helpers and preloaders quitting. My center in Washington would actually give me things for getting you to apply and get hired. We are quite desperate, every day management makes a list of volunteers who are willing to double shift.
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    I work out of Forest Park and I'm surprised that anybody would come back after last December's disaster. We are over-staffed this year but there is usually a need for more replacement Helpers. I doubt my golf cart helper is going to work out. Can you work the Helper's phone?
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    My driver last year mentioned the same, but I was in the military, so I've experienced worse operational mishaps.

    I only have a number for one the human resources supervisor from a business card they gave me last year, but not sure if it's appropriate to call them asking for a position.
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    It couldn’t hurt to call.
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    They are hard to get a hold of because of their weird hours but it's worth a try. I see new hires getting the walking tour all the time. We have a lot of turnover so anything is possible. With this new contract who knows what will happen.
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    If you want. Go the UPS facility you were dispatched from and ask a security guard that you want to speak to a HR person or Supervisor that can help you.
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    I just called one of the workers in human resources. They said they're not hiring again until next season. Thanks for the help, gentlemen.
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    That’s BS. I’d go to the center and ask for center Mgr. We are still hiring helpers and preloaders.