Will Supervisors be needed in the future?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by worthlessdriver, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Jim Kemp

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    With all the high tech surveillance on us. And all the computerized dispatching, will the centers need supervisors in the future? It seems like one guy at some remote location could do it all. If I was a low level sup. I would be very nervous.
    I know they would need someone with some authority there to make some decisions but will they need as many as they have now? I have always thought UPS was top heavy.
  2. Anonymous 10

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    The center of the future will be 4 centers combined as one. A division manager will be in charge of 6 to 8 of these and the computer will take over for pas supervisors. Part time sups will run the preload and onroad sups will be dispatched to these centers from all over the district to do yearly and three day rides. The Oms will be guys named Vejay Sonjay in India and they will talk to the customers.
  3. Richard Harrow

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    Are supervisors needed now?
  4. bumped

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    There will always be supervisors, but they'll be less of them. We were at 4 oncars, and now were down to 3. (8 months and counting)
  5. superballs63

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    Of course they are, otherwise who would constantly yell at me for being over 9.5 or having crappy numbers or missed pieces or whatever else.

    Gotta love my management team
  6. tourists24

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    We havent needed on cars for at least a year now. The only thing these guys do is give PCM's, on areas, and 3 day rides. That is when they are not doing paperwork
  7. menotyou

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    I agree with 407. center manager's are a dying breed. Monitors will replace on-cars for PCM's. India will answer all calls and send out all messages. Two pt'ers per building is all that is needed, if that. Dispatch will be done somewhere else, Syracuse for me. I see a re-organization coming.....
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    Amusing thread, that's for sure.

    Good evidence why UPS invested all that money in technology to replace intelligence in workers.
  9. Monkey Butt

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    I don't think this thread is about management ... Or at least the replies.
    I think the reason no management is replying to these posts is because they are childish and ignorant.
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    the management or the posts? hehe
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    You just proved his point.
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    maybe you didnt understand the "hehe"..... goober..... laugh a little
  13. tourists24

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    I agree.... now with all the technology management doesnt have to think at all.... ;)
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Check and mate.
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    That's whAt I said.
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    I think the rock you left is lonely.
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    Why is it hung up tie?

    Where is your rep?

    I'm confused
  18. hellfire

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    hold on there a minute Mr blanket logic,, i think the op had a legit question,, on the operations level with telematics,, what purpose would a on road sup provide??
  19. tourists24

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    Thank you Hoax.... at least someone knew what I was doing ...lol
  20. dannyboy

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    When I started at UPS, there was one part time sup.......well, actually he was the clerk, but he was the one you went to for answers to questions. We had 55 drivers, and 2 delivery sups.

    Today, the same center, after splitting off two other centers, has 100 drivers, two center managers, 5 or 6 on road sups, a feeder manager, 12 OMS's, and at least 9 part time preload, and one full time preload sup. There are many other non hourly employees at the center, but not sure of their official title.

    And we wonder why we have to work harder to show the same profit?

    As for the original question, there will always be a need for management at UPS. Maybe not as many, but still a large number. Dealing with employee issues is one reason. But there will be less in active (physically active) in areas where they are now. Most will be dealing with employees from behind the computer screen.

    One last thought. Without all these sups that are going away, who will do the work on the belts we have been filing on?

    Just a thought.