Will they fire me over shoes?


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Damn man…I don’t post more than under one name and I think it’s been a couple years since I’ve posted…maybe the election got me back on here..who knows
Don't worry the election seems to always bring a lot of new names that have been "lurking". They'll all leave soon enough when they have nothing else to talk about. Lol


Nothing to see here.... Move along.
You're in luck, I just so happen to have some two-ball compound and a salty organ you can feast on. You're not a UPS employee and never will be so you can stop trying to make small talk like you're part of the gang. Beat it Barney!

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Hey OP, how many times a month do you reenact the Buffalo Bill tuck scene from Silence Of The Lambs? Next time try it wearing a pair of 2 size too small Carolina 9" Loggers and toughen up a bit.


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Scooby! How the hell are you?
I'm good, missed everyone, just lurking lately been busy.
Obviously the same person as @Coldworld , both haven’t posted in a year? But show up today? Gtfo
I Got TFO but it's Xmas time so you know what that means.
Yeah like we need another hole in the head!
Never heard of him.
I heard he's a real Masshole!


You can go now, scab
Maybe you don't understand, pubic and armpit hair doesn't grow for no reason. It's a breeding ground for beneficial microbes, we evolved and lost our full body hair, but not the pubic, ass and armpit hair. The hair still grows there because it was literally beneficial for the survival of our ancestors. Why would I ask my girl to handicap her natural bacterial symbiosis by chopping down the forest which our microbe friends live? And then to slather on carcinogenic chemicals to mask the nasty smelling bacteria that sets up shop after you kill off all the good guys? It makes literally no sense, appreciate the human body for what it is and what it can do.
I don’t like to compete for my meal. I’ll take a snatch with no inhabitants thank you.