Will UPS ever offer driver buyout?

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  1. In an effort to remain competitive in an evolving market, will UPS offer buyout to RPCD's? Given the contract, what is and what isn't possible?
  2. 542thruNthru

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    Why would they offer to buy out RPCDs just to hire more RPCDs?
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  3. That's what I was just thinking. Is it possible for UPS to breakaway from the union? I'm unsure of how that works.
  4. For example, if the company ever came to the point where they absolutely needed to lower employee wages in order to stay in business, are they allowed to somehow overthrow the union. Would they have to fire the entire workforce and hire non-union employees, or would current employees have to sign a waiver to leave the union?
  5. Cut me my check right now
  6. Rack em

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    Once Amazon buys Ups they will get rid of the union.
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    Beginning next year, all new hires are given the choice between being a union member, paying dues and starting out at $13 -OR- opting out of the union and starting at $15/hr... What's stoppping UPS from replacing it's workforce in 5-10 years time with largely non-union employees?
  8. They are already starting out at $13.50 and it will even be higher next year
  9. "The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) has a provision that may be the best kept secret in labor law. Known as de-authorization, it allows workers to opt out of joining a union as a condition of employment." - Forbes
  10. 542thruNthru

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    We have a contract. They couldn't offer more to people that are non union. The only way to get rid of the union would be for us to vote them out or the company to lock us out.
  11. The point is, UPS can start hiring non-union employees to eventually pay drivers the same as Amazon.
  12. It's desertification.....
    And it's not something easy to do.
  13. No they can't.
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  14. rod

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    Unions can and have been de-certified. It happens all the time.
  15. 542thruNthru

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    Let me guess you live in a RTW state and don't like the union.
  16. If in 5-10 years the ultimatum comes down to UPS pricing itself out of business, or UPS making drastic cut backs, it seems plausible that anything could happen.
  17. PASinterference

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    Or he's new management trying to get a feather in his hat with a groundbreaking idea.
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  18. clean hairy

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    They give money to new hires as a weekly show up bonus, which is not in the contract.
    Why would they not be able to give long time employees a buy out?
    Fewer weeks of vacation, less $ per hour, etc.
  19. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    That's when they would ask us to take a pay cut not cut their throat with a lock out.
  20. There's a new dog in the race and its stock is worth 18x UPS stock.
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