Will we get any of their accounts?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Brown287, Jan 4, 2010.

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    will not ship for free
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    YRC was officially done on December 16th. UPS Freight will compete to get their customers BUT since it would be impossible for UPS Freight alone to handle all of that freight, they are going to start limiting the amount of freight/bills they can pick up from a certain customer, based on several factors about that company...
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    Are you smoking crack? YRC is still in business and resolved their debt equity exchange. How can you post these lies almost a month after you said they were done?

    YRC going under would would be devastating to the union movement. YRC union members have agreed to give back up to 15% pay and no pension contributions for 18 months. That is a powerful statement! No one can blame the union for putting YRC out of business if that day does come, but its not happening right now!
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    The YRC building on 294 south of CACH is a ghost town.
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    Our local terminal is still in operation.
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    They have consolidated terminals and the one on 103rd and Harlem was one of them. Lets hope they are able to pull through, many pension plans have YRC participants.
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    I heard a rumor that the old city terminal there might turned into a chain store.I've heard different names. That property is owned by Target? I heard the big terminal the old road terminal might be bought by and used by UPSF, to consolidate Beford Park and South Holland.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe UPSF4ME. Always looking for UPS Freight people to post their insight to Freight.

    However, we do advise against posting after smoking crack. :funny:
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    At State panel hearings last week YRCW came up in a conversation with my locals president. He said they had successfully restructured their debt at least for the short term. He also said it would be bad for UPS if YRCW failed as it could bancrupt the Central States Pension plan. UPS still has a $15-17billion liability just in the Central States plan.