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    I have been with UPS for 20 years, in western NC we have a proposel on the table for this contract for transfers with conditions, the conditions are the one tranfering takes a hit you keep your pay but go into a new building on the bottom of the list. Other supplements have this so we used there supplements as a guide. Anyway with that said, my wife has a job offer there in wilmington which pays about 20k more a year than the same job here, so if we get this in the contract I may try to transfer. We need this benifit fedex has it and its time we have it. I was just going to ask (maybe in vain if it never happens) how things where in that center. I know the area some what, we have a boat down in Southport Oak Island area and I also have family there as well. Anyway any info would be great Thanks Doug
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    Is there anyone here from the Wilmington area? I would also like to know about areas to live in any info would be great thanks. Doug
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    It's not that simple to transfer, at least in the Western Conference. You need to sign up for the building you want togo to. (looks like you already know where you want to go.) That building needs to have an off the street hire spot open(6 to 1 ratio) and elect to take a transfer rather than take a part-time supervisor. Then they look at the senoirity list of drivers -- who want to transfer there...Good luck
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    You will probably get the same langauge as we have in the Western Conference. You lose everything but your vacations and pay, so long as the pay in the new center is the same. I think there are different pay scales depending on where you work(state). Just know that with 20 years in you will be considered the new hire and the date you report to the new center is now your new seniority date for driving/feeder. I include feeder because some of us thought the transfer only applied to package but later found out it includes feeder as well. End result= Bad vacations, Utility again, Bottom of the list for feeder, Chance of layoff. With that said Good Luck.
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    Thanks for the info. I know it will not be easy but we are really thinking of given it a try I love the area I dont know alot about Wilmington or Leland I know more about Southport and Oak Island and have always loved it. Anyway If we get it in the contract we will see where it goes from there.
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    We down here in the southern conference also put forth the proposal of "full time transfers" , I really dont expect it to happen given the climate that we face ..... down here the sups don't wanna get off their lazy duffs and ....A)learn the various routes.and B)don't wanna train the personnel on these routes.... its not like it was when I first started where the sups had a working knowlegde of all the routes that were in their area!!!.... Now when you call the ofice to get delivery info its "Let me mapquest that!" Used to be the sup had the mapquest info in their brain.. Boy do I miss the good old days!!!! :tongue_sm BC (not Brain Corpse's)