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    Need some help, I want to change my windshield wipers, I only need the rubber stripping part not the whole metal arm. The thing Is I can't find the rubber stripping nowhere. I went to kmart and I tried several autozones and none of them carry just the rubber part. Does anyone know what store carries the rubber stripping?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    You can buy the wiper arm structure and remove the rubber strip from it and use that to replace yours.
    I did for a long time on a truck I had that had heavy duty wiper arms and I wanted to keep that look.
  3. cachsux

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    Usually the whole arm is all they sell now. Almost standard fittings have cut down on how wide an assortment that manufacturers have to make now.
  4. DS

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    just buy new wipers they are pretty cheap
  5. rod

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    The last time I saw just the rubber inserts was at our local Fleet & Farm store.
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    The nearest city from my home is 20 miles away.
    This city has a population of 6,350.
    There are 4 auto parts stores.
    AutoZone, Orielly's and two local auto part stores.
    They all sell replacement wiper blades.
    Maybe, it is just a "country thing" to replace only the part you need.
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    Dangggggggg. I can't believe It, but Its official. I have tried Walmart,Target,4 Auto zones and not one carries just the rubber inserts for windshield wipers, amazing. Than the guy at autozone tells me It Is too complicated for people to install, and I am thinking What! what moron can't install these. But anyway, I guess I'll just have to buy the whole arm even though its a waste.
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    I am one of the morons who couldn't install one of those. I go to Autozone because they install the wiper blades for free.
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    I drive a 2003 chevy pick up, just replace the wiper blades last week for the first time since owning the truck(yea, that's how seldom we need wipers out here). They were easy to replace once I figured out how they were designed. No tools needed. I was surprised to see that they no longer sold the blade refills. When I asked the clerk about them he asked me how long it had been since I changed mine out. LOL
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    Still sell them in Pulaski.
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    My friend was from Pulaski, VA.
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    That's nice--not relevant, but nice.
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    Pulaski is not a common name for a city. I know there are lots of cities with the same name, but that's like having more than one Nerdschwartzville!!

    Oh, and tons of furniture is made in Pulaski. My china cabinet was made there. In my china curio, I have real looking fancy cakes that I got from Victoria Trading Company. For awhile, they carried these cakes and now you can't find them anymore. Glad that I got them when I did.

    Oh, and my friend died of kidney cancer July 4, 2010.
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    If he just needs the rubber - try drugstores ;)
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    That's good advice for you, you don't know why your hand has been,
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