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    IVE Been on this site a while. im still amazed by some of the questions that are posted. what im amazed is by who? 18 20 25 year drivers. WHO dont seem to have a clue. questions that union or other employees could answer. And the people who are afraid to use the contract. when you use it managment may not like you? But who cares you are not there to be there friends. and many of you should (ALWAYS REMEBER THAT} They WILL USE IT ON YOU IN A MINUTE. Local union meeting are boring but its good to take the ride and go once in a while. it shows respect for the agents who are representing you.And they are. Even if you think they are not. One thing to remember go to one meeting a year the agents that represent you go to all the meetings and go to panel 4 days at a time leaving there familys at home a couple of times a year so dont ever say you dont have time to go to( 1) meeting. im not the best typist . but id like some opinios on this thank you.
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  2. OK. I'm a LONG time union member. I went to exactly one meeting and it was about an upcoming contract, many years ago. The current regime(it has an entitlement to the position mentality) sure seems to make lots of money and drives nice cars and spends lots of our(yes-our) money. I have no respect for them and have never voted for them. I believe the whole union should be VOLUNTARY(in pay). Yep. It would weed out the career blood suckers and parasites. I don't have the same politics and their policies are 180 opposed to mine. Worse, my dues are being used against me. I have witnessed the firing of a fellow employee(that stuck)(rare) that was a political enemy of the current regime. Yes, I believe they sold him out. Do I believe they are punitive? Yes, I do. Why do I belong? Can't trust the company either....
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    If you ask me we don't have enough union meetings. I think the old timers grew up in a different time and some are stuck in the past. It's no more " you scratch my back i'll scratch yours." Most (not all) managers are fighting for their jobs and use drivers to make them look good. The fact is their jobs are going away with all the use of all this technology so i think most are starting to panic. They think/feel that if they catch drivers and reprimand them it shows they are useful.
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    The OP was more about how little our co-workers know about the contract. I agree we get 4-5 questions a week that should prob be known and if they aren't they are simple ask your steward questions. However I will also add there are many stewards out there that don't have a clue. Just last week our BA was talking about 2 20 year stewards in the same center that didn't know the contract on a simple start time issue. I would say outside of our stewards I'm one of 3-4 people that have a copy of the contract (about 65 drivers total). People that book is the little bit of power we have read it know it enforce it or talk to someone else who does!!!
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    I just need to know where I can find some UPS socks. Does anyone know?
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    I love rocket if ten percent of the posters on this site had his charisma & character this place would be just off the charts.
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    I do not feel bad about the time our bus agents sacrifice. They mismanage our pension in our area,took raises out of our pockets, and bend over for ups for the best interest of themselves. They walk around in suits just like management. This is the cause of all our problems as union employees. It's a joke. They are just like politicians.
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    An honest assessment of the BAs and the world in which they live.
    They probably wish it was not like this as much as you despise it.

    Not sure a BA has any authority or input to pension investments but they are part of the management structure that does.
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    I am amazed at the number of people who refer to their stewards as stewarts...
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    I am bearing down on 25 years.

    I have been to a grand total of ZERO union meetings and that was too many.

    I am a teamster only in as much as they take about $80 off me each month.

    I don't even tell people I am a teamster. They will immediately think I am a democrat. GOD FORBID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have been to a couple of meetings.

    I believe that our BA's are doing the best with what they can. I also think that stewards and BA's go into the job with the intention that they are going to correct some injustice that they saw. Then they found out that the folks they replaced had tried what they could and some things will not change. I think it is ridiculous that we have coworkers standing up for our rights vs lawyers from the company.

    I would imagine being a shop steward is waaaaaay above most employees ability.
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    Agreed. A good shop steward is a very smart guy. You really don't want some dumb truck driver as your shop steward...
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    Good thread rocket man,but you are not taking into consideration that every center,and there is a helluva lot of them,is run differently.You are assuming that your hub is like every other.It seems that since each building can establish their own version of the ups guidebook,as long as they function at a profitable facility.As far as the teamsters goes,their desire and ineptitude to fight obvious intimidation tactics is lacking in a lot of places.
    I have been to several union meetings,and it's like watching politicians seeking re election,they promise the stars,but we always end up with a 40 watt light bulb.

    Some folks come to this site for the first time for information.They are unfamiliar with the thousands of posts that you and I have read before.Instead of demeaning these newcomers,you can either ignore them as being ignorant,or offer advice.Try to remember that the union where you are,is a different version of itself depending on where you live.
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    Some people just want to go to work and do their job and go back home or whatever.
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    I'm just the opposite. I tell everyone I'm a retired Teamster who retired at 53 with a great pension and medical benefits for both the wife and me. My friends who are now approching retirement age and are still working and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel are so jealous. Its sad to see everyone jumping on the anti-union bandwagon. A few years down the road they will all regret it----especially when they wake up one day and there isn't any middle class left.
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    God forbid. In a Republican Utopia they would bust every Union and try their damnedest to fully eliminate any sense of a middle class.
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    How's the kool aid taste ??

    P.S. I am not a republican.
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    I just need to know how to transfer...anyone have a clue?
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    Jeez don't you listen to rocket man? talk to YOUR
    hr department.
    How the hell do we know?