With so many cuts, is FedEx looking to acquire something large??

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    Could it be a possible takeover of the United states Post office? Or many they're in the market for their own oil refinery as was Delta. With all the doom and gloom talk around various stations about needing to make cutbacks, one would think the company is two steps away from the front door of bankruptcy. The numbers say otherwise: FDX in 2009 had a profit of around 22.8 million, 2010 was about the same and even gained 3 million in 2011 went profit topped 25 million. I already know about the companies bought in Poland and Brazil was wondering if someone hear of something BIG..
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    The Republican Party, of which Mr Smith is a huge supporter, actively wishes to privatize the USPS. This would be an enormous source of new profit for both FedEx and UPS. All Smith cares about is an opportunity to make even more money.
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    Where in the world are you getting your numbers? Net profit in Fiscal Year 2011 was $1.45Billion.
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    From the income statement year ending 2011. But if your number is correct, $1.45Billion, then FedEx will make a run at the USPS imho.
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    Fred wants to inherit thousands and thousands of APWU members??