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    I started work at UPS when I first turned eighteen, then after a year and a half of working my butt off, I see 2 people who had less time on the job and worked much slower and more dangerously promoted from my dock, so I put in my 2 weeks. However, I disliked the Union because for months they were taking dues from everyone of my checks, so I finally threatened a grievance and it stopped, but I had finally taken as much as I would and that had also factored into my decision. But because I didn't learn enough, I had never gotten a withdrawal card. So, after 2 years, I find out I should have gotten one, but my question now is, do I still need to get one even though its been 2 years since I quit, and if so, where I do I get it? Plus, how much in back dues can I be expected to pay if I do join back up with the teamsters? Anyone's help is appreciated.

    P.S. I worked in the Hub in Earth City, MO.
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    You filed a grievance against the union? Kid do everyone a favor and go back to school!
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    Not being a smart A, but could one even do that?
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    A grievance is between teh employee and teh employer. If you have a problem with the union you do have recourse, Labor board, internal charges, etc.
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    I didn't actually file a grievance, my shop steward told me that would be my only recourse for the extraneous funds taken from my checks. However, when I asked him how to go about doing it, he "got involved", and the dues went back to only coming out once a month. I didn't ever get back the extra money taken though. I don't mean to insult any union officials, but I never had any good experiences working with mine trying to correct a situation. So, if I am misinformed, it was because my shop steward misinformed me. However, as you do seem to know something I would like to know if I would still need to get a withdrawal card, and if you could help, how would I go about doing it? Your help would be appreciated. Since I quit the only means of contact I have been able to find are through the 688's website, and that is only through e-mail that they have never responded to. The website doesn't even have a headquarters address or phone number.
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    Okay, after my last comment, I decided to check the website again. Since the last time i visited it, it appears to have been reformatted, now including a locations link. So, thanks anyway to everyone who responded.
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    Exerpts from the IBT Constitution . . .

    Article XVIII
    Section 6
    (a). Local Unions shall have jurisdiction over the granting and acceptance of all honorable withdrawal cards and shall establish rules in their Bylaws not inconsistent with this Constitution to govern the issuance and acceptance of withdrawal cards with respect to members working within the various crafts and industries under their jurisdiction. When a member becomes unemployed in the jurisdiction of the Local Union, he shall be issued an honorable withdrawal card upon his request. If no request is made, an honorable withdrawal card must be issued six (6) months after the month in which the member first becomes unemployed, if he is still unemployed at that time. A member is not considered to be unemployed if the member is on sick leave, Family Medical Leave, or worker’s compensation and retains reemployment rights with an employer party to a collective bargaining agreement.

    (d). There may be a maximum charge of fifty cents (50¢) to any member issued a withdrawal card, and it shall be the duty of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Local Union receiving such charge duly to record it in his ledger.

    (g). The Local Union shall not charge an initiation fee on the deposit of a withdrawal card.

    (h). To be eligible for a withdrawal card a member must have paid to the Local Union issuing the withdrawal card all dues and other financial obligations as a member, including dues for the month in which the withdrawal card is effective. In no event shall the month in which the withdrawal card is effective be earlier than ninety (90) days prior to the date of issuance. The date of issuance shall be the date on which the transaction is recorded on the member’s ledger card.

    (i). It shall be compulsory for any inactive member on withdrawal to deposit his withdrawal card immediately upon return to employment at the craft. The Local Union shall collect a month’s dues for the month in which the withdrawal card is deposited. In no case shall the Local Union, when accepting the withdrawal card charge the member dues for the month in which it was effective.

    Honorable Withdrawal Card
    Section 7(a). This is to certify that the bearer hereof, ................................................................. has paid all dues and demands and has withdrawn in good standing from membership in Local Union No. ...........
    (b). This card entitles him to reinstatement to good standing status in the Local Union from which this card was issued at any time; subject, however, to the provisions of subsection (e) of this Section, and provided the bearer has obtained employment at the craft.
    (c). Any member of a Local Union refusing full-time employment when offered or leaving employment within the jurisdiction or going to work at another craft or occupation outside its jurisdiction on other than a temporary or part-time basis shall be given an honorable withdrawal card and cannot remain a member.
    (d). Any inactive member out on withdrawal card, and desiring to return to membership in good standing, must first deposit his withdrawal card with the Local Union by which it was issued. Refusal of any Local Union to accept a withdrawal card shall be subject to appeal in accordance with the appeal procedure provided for by this Constitution, excluding, however, any appeal to the Convention.
    (e). The Local Union must not accept a withdrawal card if the inactive member has committed any offense while out on withdrawal card which would be injurious to union principles. Also, if the Local Union is paying benefits and the inactive member has fallen into bad health or is liable to become a charge against the Local Union or International Union, acceptance of the withdrawal card can be refused by the Local Union. Likewise acceptance of a withdrawal card may be refused where adverse employment conditions exist.
    Given under our hands and the seal of Local Union
    No. . . . . . . , this . . . . day of . . . . . . . . . . . . , 20 . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , Secretary-Treasurer.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , President.