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    So im a preloader at ups, and probably dont have to tell you guys the amount of volume and work there is every single day, I do my best and get a misload about once every two weeks, my supervisor is great and helps whenever im blown out and managment is always friendly, but... there is someone who makes my life alot harder then it has to be. At my hub, every morning, your sup. comes around with a sheet of paper for each person basically sayingif you had any misloads and displays it at your station, right after break every day some guy who wears an annoying aount of cologne walks up to me with this attitude and asks if i had any misloads, i say no, then out of thin air he starts lecturing me about how my sup is wrong and that I did have a misload, and how my loads are bad annd all this crap, and its gotten to the point where I just tell him to talk to my sup. And the thing is, nothing ever comes of it, i never get disaplined from my sup or anything. I leave their my hub, even on good days with a bad taste in my mouth because of this dude. sigh... at least its the weekend :D
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    Is obnoxious cologne guy another sup or a co-worker?
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    See that heavy box? Drop it on his foot, and say 'Ohh $*#@ gravity took over again, I hope you where wearing your steel toe shoes buddy'. I'm sure that would change his gesture against you in a heart beat. (And yes I'm kidding, don't try this at your local hub).