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    I worked as a driver helper for the first time back in December. Everyone at UPS really liked me and they want me to work there pt now that they are getting some openings for permanent positions. I do know I will need 2 days off in July for religious reasons. I am wondering if this will get me fired or written up or anything? I know 4 months is not a long time to work there before I take 2 days off but I'm unemployed right now and I really don't want to miss an opportunity for work. Do they have to give me the days off since it is for religious reasons? And should I tell them about it before I start or wait until I'm in the union? If anyone has experience with this please let me know. Thanks. :happy2:
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    It's not a big deal at all just let them know a couple weeks in advance. They don't need to know and they don't care. It's only a couple days.
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    I got hired in in march of '06 and I took off a few days within 3 weeks. I also took off a week plus in August of that same year and I let them know when I interviewed so it was no surprise to them and it was nice and painless
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    Thanks guys, that makes me feel better :happy-very: I wasn't sure how strict they are on that sort of thing.
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    You may need a note from Father Summerdaze !!!! lol lol