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  1. Radicalrobby

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    So i just recently started ups about a month ago, I've noticed most belt workers have an average of 2-3 trucks to load, and there are 1-2 people throwing the truck. I on the other hand have 3 trucks to load all high volume, along with needing to throw 4 trucks worth of packages down :censored2: on rollers(sometimes i even have to load the 4 trucks also). I'm not the newest hire ether so that is not the issue here although im left out of helping with drivers assistant or gaining any other hours even though we lost 2 people in night shift and they refused to let me help). On a daily basis all supervisors and managers tell me they admire my hustle i am fast and never misload also i doubt alot of people would even be able to take this workload.

    My question is, can this be fair? i wouldn't mind the extra work if i was afforded an opportunity to get more hours, or more pay. 120$ a week just doesn't cut it in the real world and i am not going to do multiple peoples jobs for no respect or opportunity's
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    Life is NOT fair the sooner you realize this the better your life will be
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  3. jibbs

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    As a seasonal, you're pretty much stuck doing what you're told, brutha. If you get hired on as permanent, and then make it through your probation, that's when you'll have some realistic options open up on how to try and determine your own workload without facing repercussions.

    If you were in the union, I'd just tell you to slow down every day until the workload ends up evened out. They most likely have you on your pull because you've proven that you can do it at least up to their peak-time standards, whereas many others may've already proven that they can't. It's the curse of trying to be the best employee f***in' possible in your first couple days and, while that's a good idea, I swear to God that :censored2: will haunt you for as long as you let it at this job. As a seasonal, though? You've pretty much got to suck it up and take it, as they can just put you on the call-list if you piss them off and then... never need you to come in when you call for some reason or other.

    I mean, you can try talking to a supe' about it, I'm just saying that, as a seasonal that might want to become permanent (if that's you), it's best not to make any waves at all. Just go with the flow, even when the piss-poor peak planning takes you right over the waterfall's edge.

    $120 a week? This time of year? I feel like I'm making that every day this year, how in the f*** is that your weekly check? That's just over half of what I was making every week when I first started, man.... doesn't add up for some reason.
  4. Radicalrobby

    Radicalrobby New Member

    Really im not complaining, I know life isn't fair but i expect to be treated in a work place the same as others unless compensation standards are met my work load should not be heaver than anyone else. Also Yes im part of the union, hired on as permanent been early 15 min every day. Always asking if more needs to be done. Seems as though as soon as the 5 hour mark hits, and drivers start showing up they start sending people home. Most drivers in my sort say "don't exceed it won't make a difference" and i hear them say how advancements can take 7-9 years. I haven't made more than 140 $ a single check yet. and that was once!
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  5. browner89

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    You're making 11/hr and working 25 hours a week and somehow haven't made more than $140 after taxes? Find it hard to believe that you're seeing $110+ in deductions a week or you're not working NEARLY as many hours as you believe you are.
  6. tacken

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    And you will not. Sorry to say this but you our just a number you leave they will throw someone else in that package car. And yes it is years before you will become a package driver.
  7. Radicalrobby

    Radicalrobby New Member

    see just this week we started working 5 hours, other than that max was 3-4 hours per day. no chances for overtime, they also expect me to be in at 2:30 some times and 3:15 others. Just seems like drivers assistants have it made compared to me.
  8. browner89

    browner89 Active Member

    That's probably generally true, but in centers like mine you can get sent to school basically the week after you start working for cover driving, we're desperate. Cover to FT is maybe 1.5 years.
  9. bleedinbrown58

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    If they don't want you to or refuse to let you work extra really must suck. No offense...just being honest. I've got over 50 hours this week between preload and driver helper... I'll damn near hit 60 if I decide to work on Saturday. If you hate the job already....guess what? It doesn't get much better. Loading is loading.
  10. Radicalrobby

    Radicalrobby New Member

    Naw don't suck, I am a hard worker always have been always will be, but i want to be paid for what i do. My time is not free. Also i work at a smaller sort, like i said the most trailers we have had to unload is 5, and 2 where less than 50% and 1 long 100% 2 shorts at 90-100%. Ive came to terms with not getting the hours i want or being a drivers assistant after loading, but now im to the point where if they don't care if i make money, i don't care if they have to hire more people to disperse the workload.
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  11. Octave

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    I work the preload at a large hub in PA, and what you're describing seems about average workload, minus the isle cars. I load 4 trucks, roughly 1,400 pieces on an average peak day. The others on my belt load 3-4 trucks, slightly less pieces but still significant. This time of year we all get screwed. I and the loader on the last dump bounce up to help a newer guy on our belt in your exact position. It's not easy. You're right, too, not many people can handle the volume. Four people were on that dump before the current loader, three quit and one became a driver. I hope the new guy stays on past peak but I don't know if he made the cut.

    What kind of hours are you getting? On an average week outside of peak I take home around $140 (working around 19 hours), during peak I take home more than double that (working around 35-40 hours).

    Oh and just to add, not all trucks are created equal. I don't know what they're called, but there's like three models I see a lot. Basically small, medium, and large. I have 4 large trucks (drivers referred to them as 1000s or something), and I quite prefer them over the small and medium ones (I don't hit my head stepping out of them which is a plus). A lot of the dumps further up the slide seem to be the smaller ones with a large every two or so. So it may not be fair to compare your workload to your coworkers' without factoring that in, that's all I'm saying.

    Not sure what you meant by "1-2 people throwing the truck", though. But if I can tell you anything, it's that management will always be trying to get you off the clock ASAP. They never want to give us more hours.

    edit: your paychecks may be light because of the union initiation fee, or whatever. That was $250 for me and I ended up paying it twice because I was laid off when they overhired for peak '14 and rehired in June and never called the union about it. I do stupid things sometimes.
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  12. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    You "heroes" need to slow down and do less work, for the same money or more.
    It's really just that simple.
  13. Radicalrobby

    Radicalrobby New Member

    i do see your point, but the fact of the matter is some days im working 7 trucks, some only 3 and throwing 4 trucks worth on the rollers, each one with 200-300 packages easy different sizes. my main 3 trucks today none where under 300 packages along with the usual 4 trucks i throw which on the lowest mark would be 1700 packages im responsible for on the lowest. One of the least experienced in the building seem to know what im doing better than most....
  14. FrigidFTSup

    FrigidFTSup Resident Suit

    And people wonder why unions aren't viewed favorably.
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  15. Radicalrobby

    Radicalrobby New Member

    Because supervisors and managers will take advantage of a worker and push him past conventional standards to meet or exceed company expectations, and boss's want to be able to push people around plain and simple
  16. FrigidFTSup

    FrigidFTSup Resident Suit

    No, it isn't that plain and simple.
  17. Radicalrobby

    Radicalrobby New Member

    If the company isn't :censored2: and gives you hours union is nothing but useful, the fact healthcare would be more than the dues per month is only 1 thing ill say. And the lack of a rebuttal leads me to believe it really is that plain and simple.
  18. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    It's not a union issue, it's a stark reality for those who strive to do 30+ years at UPS and not go into management.
  19. Gear

    Gear Parts on Order

    The more work you do, the more they will expect. There are slow guys and fast guys. You will earn NOTHING but more work the faster you are. Pay is based on progression and nothing else. Im not exactly sure how you guys get raises but Its not on how hard you work. You are who you are, just work and be yourself. Expect nothing that isn't written in the contract. I see mechs who work and mechs who just make their time cards look good. For us, a time card with good numbers and no red tags during peak is all they see. The job provides a good income and benefits to raise a family. In the ends thats what matters. 8 and skate, thats what I think everyday.
  20. Octave

    Octave Member

    We don't get raises based on merit or anything of the sort, just $0.70 a year for as long as we stay. When I started it was $1 a year but they just changed it. Some of my coworkers have been here >30 years, so they're making bank.