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  1. goetface

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    quick question guys, for loaders/unloaders. Do the work boots have to be steel toed? or just leather? or both? and this item is a write off item at the end of the year I believe right?
  2. j100701d

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    When I am laid off and working inside Red Wing steel toe all the time. When I am driving I wear Red Wings Chinese company Worx that also happen to be steel toed. Just 2 less opportunities for the DICTATORSHIP to do any sort of write ups on me.
  3. goetface

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    I see. I was looking at the red wings/worx they pretty pricey on amazon. but so are the caterpillar brand im looking at.
  4. Old International

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    No, they don't have to be steel toed. Just hard leather, that can be polished. After ALMOST dropping a 25lb square metal block on my toes, I quickly changed my coach shoes(polishiable, but just) for regular 9" steel toed work boots. After getting them broken in, they wear just fine, and I haven't worn anything else in 26 years
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    Last I knew inside workers shoes don't have to be polishable. They can wear that light nubuck that most manufacturers refer to as wheat.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Inside workers do not have any contact with the general public so their boots do not need to be polishable. You should be able to find a pair that will protect your feet without breaking the bank. You can write-off the cost of the boots but must have enough deductions to be able to do so--if this is your only job this is probably not going to be the case and you would benefit more from the standard deduction.
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    I'm a rather big fan of Caterpillar myself.

    Personal story: When I first started, I got a bargain pair...and ended up needing to see a podiatrist...who said the shoes were NOT the problem. Finally decided to simply try and change shoes, enticed by a sale on Caterpillars, and the problems went away.

    The Caterpillars were comfortable enough and with me being a creature of habit and routine, I wore them all the time, not just for work.

    Now, as an air driver, I have gotten away from the steel toe boots.

    Speaking of sales of caterpillars: If there is a Meijer store in your area, they have pretty good prices, and, in the past, on Thanksgiving Day (not black Friday), they have a buy one, get a second pair of equal or lesser value free sale.

    I have worn the "Birmingham" style and have found the brown leather to be both more comfortable and durable than the black leather.
  9. wot_racing

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    I wear dark brown suede Sketcher Work shoes... They are steel toe, but look just like a tennis shoe and feel like them too.. I find that unloading, the steel toe has saved me a little pain more than once... Now that I am a driver, I often wear them driving as well... I have a pair of red wings that I keep in my truck and wear at times.. I am from a small center and the shoe thing is really not enforced here..
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    After buying my first pair of Nike Goadomes, I haven't wore anything else! My first pair held up for 2 years of walking on the concrete.
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    One other thing that I have found to be just as important for your feet as good workboots are good socks. I wear "King Cotton" by Wigwam which I have purchased mail order from "Cameron Wollens" of Wisconsin. They are pricy - like $6.00+ a pair - but I feel they are well worth the cost. What value do you place on the health of your feet?
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    I place a high value on my feet, I look at most of my buddies feet and the majority of peoples and they are just :censored2: ed up as if they walked like a caveman for decades. I just think feet in general are ugly to begin with but hey w/e.
  13. working up a sweat

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    I wear steel toes. Last year I picked up a box that weighed about 20 pounds. The bottom of the box broke and a planer blade fell on my foot. I was wearing leather boots with no steel, the leather protected my foot from any injury. Luckily the blunt side of the blade hit my foot at the toes. I picked up the blade and felt lucky that night. I could not believe this was shipped in cardboard. Blades should be shipped in a wood crate or plastic suitcase.