Workday / withholding question?


I have been trying to update my federal withholding status with payroll for a while.
I am trying to navigate Workday to get things done and its challenging at times.

Simply want to update my W4 status to show Single w/Zero dependance.

Ive updated my W4 status many times and the only things that has seamed to be correct is my Federal Status shows “S”. I understand S to mean single.
Next section to the right on my paycheck shows ST WRK as “M 03” I live in Florida and we dont have State taxes.

My question is, how to I update my St Wrk status to reflect “S 00” via payroll.

I cant call payroll in texas my management ( supervisor / full timer ) have tried via emails multi times with no luck.

What can i do to get proper taxes taken out of my paycheck
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You can't change withholdings on demand on upsers you have go to hr and summit paper work there. From what i remember this changed 2 years ago