Worked to death? Happens quite often. And then there's the injuries.

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    (The image extends to the right. It is 2,433 pixels wide.)

    It makes sense that UPS seems to have their own hearse, unless some loser is just making stuff up ;)

    What they really need though, are their own paramedics, ambulances, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and physical therapists.

    But this isn't funny: UPS FACT SHEET
    Profit before people.jpg
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    Your post might be taken more seriously if you delete that photochopped photo. Looks like the work of a 12 year old.
  3. Anonymous 10

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    This thread is a recycled piece of information from the nineties. I can recall seeing it in a thread at least three times before.
  4. Gumby

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    we need a good psychatrist and a good bartender thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bagels

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    For the record, that page was created when I was in middle school. I'm in my 30s now. UPS has come a long way. (Although I suspect many claims are exaggerated ... for example, nobody unloads at a speed of 2000 packages per hour today, let alone in the early 1990s.)
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    That photo-shopped pic is offensive, placed as it is, in an apparent military cemetery!!!
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    That's one of the worst photo shops I've ever seen. My legally blind wife could see that's fake.
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    "Time for Change", I suspect the "Change" of which you speak was a firing. This is your definition of revenge. Let it go and move on.
  9. TimeForChange

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    Of course it's not real. Does Scott Davis bother to go to the funeral of a UPS hourly employee? Does UPS really have their own hearse? But if they did, would it be a model that looks to be 20 year old?
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  10. UnsurePost

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    Corporations have more rights than actual people have rights. That's the bottom line.
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    (Yes, I edited the quote).
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    I say lock this thread, and then bury it

    any mods listening out there?
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    serenity now,

    On what grounds to you want this discussion thread locked?

  14. Jackburton

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    Contrary to popular belief, blue collar physical labor isn't killing people, it's the choices people make in their everyday lives doing it. Might as well put the McDonald's logo on the side if you're looking for a company to blame for people's own stupidity.
  15. Integrity

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    However true this is, this is irrelevant to the issue of hazards, injuries and deaths in the workplace and the employers responsibilities to ensure a safe workplace.

    A proper safety culture is the responsibily of the management of a company. Not only in word but also in deed.

  16. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    That's false; what they have is the means to make sure their rights are granted ahead of those whose "bottomlines" are not as big as theirs (which is, when you think about 1% vs 99%, just about everyone else)
  17. ORLY!?!

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    So you're saying they have more rights, right?

    You know UPS takes a life insurance policy out on each of its workers. Dont worry, a lot of big companies do the same thing. If you die at he job, home or just decide to take your own life, someone out there will get around 10k-30k for that death. Thats UPS for ya, looking out for you because you are a possible pay day, whatever the reason or time. Service until the end, I'd say.
  18. UnsurePost

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    I disagree. If a U.S. corporation invests in Mexico, the company is treated like a Mexican national business and can set up shop freely. No human has those rights, but you can test this theory by taking a trip over the border / no passport and asking for Mexican national status. ;)
  19. LongTimeComing

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    You are false. Again.

    I can teach you gun safety, I can show you how I practice gun safety, I can yell at you if you don't use guns safely....but I can't keep you from pointing that gun at yourself or anyone else when you are on your own.

    It is equal responsibility from both parties involved to maximize safety. Failure of one or the other will act as a catalyst to an unsafe culture, not just from one side alone.
  20. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Actually, you are wrong. How many UPS jobs are not working normal daylight hours? This alone is the cause for many, many accidents, injuries, health conditions. This is a global, 24/7 system and all of the prevention in the world is not necessarily going to stop many of the unfortunate side-effects of the system.

    Try a quick check of shift-work and associated medical conditions and illnesses. These are in many cases not preventable and it IS in the corporate culture interest of squashing, diminishing, marginalizing these very real problems in the name of continuing business as usual, with absolute minimal amount of liability along the way.