Worker claims he was forced to throw out recyclables..

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    In most places the stuff they can't recycle at a profit goes into the trash.
  3. rod

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    In my surrounding area 3 recycling drop off sites have closed because they say there isn't any money in it anymore. Two of those were in MAJOR tourist areas. Look out county landfill--lots more stuff heading your way. The township I work for still has a drop off site but we had to look elsewhere for someone to service it because the sanitation service we have dealt with for years for recycling called one day and said "the next time we empty your recycle dumpsters we are taking them with us because we are no longer dealing with it". There are 4 garbage hauling companies working our area and only one now deals with recycling. Recycling was a good idea while it lasted. The all-mighty dollar wins again.

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    Supply and demand. More recyclables come in, the price goes down to the point it isn't worth doing eventually, it seems. I wonder how Seattle plans to enforce the new "no food scraps in the garbage" policy. Are they going to paw through it?
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    I remember everyonce in a while when my son was in diapers throwing one of those bombs in the recycling can and knowing it messed up somebody minute.
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    Companies I. My area are getting into recycling, not out of it. It's all cyclical and will eventually come back the way it was.

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    The panic only begins when toilet paper is no longer allowed in the sewage system !!! :thumbsup:
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    No toilet paper in the toilet in part of Mexico I go to. Goes into a trash can next to toilet, sewer system can't handle it.
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    Most of the time the recyclables are just for good PR and seldom economically justified.