Worker hiked skirt to be safer at work

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    Worker hiked skirt to be safer at work - The Star

    Temporary worker Nadifo Yusuf hiked up her skirt to mid-calf over her long pants and tucked in her hijab and neck scarf to be "more safe and secure" when climbing an 18-foot ladder to flip heavy boxes on a conveyor belt at the United Parcel Service plant, she told a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

    After almost two years of flipping boxes at the UPS plant, Yusuf, 35, a devout Muslim, and mother of six, lost her job at the plant on July 13, 2005, because she refused to hike her skirt up above the knee over her long pants. Seven other Muslim women also lost their jobs at the UPS plant for refusing to raise their skirts up over their long pants.