Worker says UPS ‘ignored harassment’

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    Worker says UPS ‘ignored harassment’ - Worcester Telegram

    Tom Sobocinski said it took him “a very long time” to decide to file a complaint against a UPS supervisor who he says sexually harassed him.

    “It got to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore,” said Mr. Sobocinski, a package handler at the Shrewsbury warehouse. “I had had enough.”

    Later this month, five years after he reported his complaint to UPS management, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination will hear a case in which a veteran Teamster accuses his male supervisor of sexually propositioning him. Mr. Sobocinski said he took his case to MCAD after UPS investigated the alleged harassment and did nothing.
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    Sad story. I have to praise all my FT ups managers who I have much respect for. I have only seen harassment and dispicable actions committed by those untrained 20 year old PT sups they hire and leave unsupervised on the night sorts...
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    Man!!!! After all these years I thought sexual harrassment was part of the promotion process!!!! Isn't that what "taking one for the team meant"!!!!!:happy2:
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    I must be in the wrong center..we dont have any drivers worth sexualy harrasing