Workers on the front lines risk their health to give America essential goods


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Workers on the front lines risk their health to give America essential goods - CNN

As millions of Americans shelter inside their homes, trying to avoid exposure to the Covid-19 pandemic, many workers continue to risk exposure to the virus on the front lines. They've been deemed critical by the federal government, because they're delivering food and packages, stocking grocery store shelves and operating public transit -- often around the clock.

"It's scary," said Tony Mazzella, a UPS driver. "I'm a new Yorker. I typically don't get scared of anything, but you know what? It's essential that I'm here because people rely on their deliveries," he said.

Tony Mazzella is one of nearly half a million UPS workers around the world still on the job. UPS and other shipping companies, including FedEx, DHL and the United States Postal Service are considered "critical infrastructure" by the federal government and therefore do not have to shut down.


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They will fire you if you don't come in like Reagan did the air traffic controllers. This is different . This could be a matter of life or death . Where is the union in all of this?


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It's not just you, it's everyone you live with who's lives you're risking.
if workers are REQUIRED by federal law to work they should be housed away from their families . if an infected UPSer infects a family member and they die what what would be the recourse? you can't sue the govt. and UPS would just shrug their shoulders.

this is a disaster waiting to happen.