working at both Ups and fedex?

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  1. DustinM

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    Can you work at both places?
  2. hdtvtechno

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    yes as long as its top secret n you work within your Schedule times :)
  3. over9five

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    Nobodies business but your own.
  4. fxdwg

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    I don't know. What part of FDX?

    These are just the trucks that I've seen on the road. I'm sure there are more....
  5. Magnus

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    Unfortunately, this is and would be seen as a conflict of interest by both UPS and FDX. There are bound to be clauses in both companies’ employee contracts to the effect of that “you’re not allowed to work for the competition” (and this, at least in America, IMO violates our rights as so-called ‘free’ citizens and our “pursuit of life, happiness, liberty and freedom” but whatever – nobody cares about the “useless eaters” today). So, if you are accepted by both companies… you will have a difficult choice to make: UPS, or FDX.

    If you tried working for both of them at the same time, and either company discovered your “dirty” secret (and they can, easily), you would be in violation of both of your employee contracts and will be immediately terminated, and possibly sued by both companies (because that employee contract is a legally binding agreement, and because by working for both you are or could potentially pass on “trade secrets” to either). Besides those points, after working FT at FDX and PT at UPS, you’d likely hurt your job performance at both and that can lead to a slew of problems all its own.

    I myself am in this exact same position. I’m in the running for a PT Handling position at UPS, and a FT FDX Office PUD Driver position. If push comes to shove, due to my families’ current dire financial problems, I would have to go with the former rather than the latter – UPS pays $8.50 an hour (with a waiting list of 5 years for FT and 10+ years for Driver in the SoCal areas) and this FDX position pays nearly $20 an hour, straight off the bat and without any “hoops” to jump through.

    However, in the long-term scheme of things and if you want this to be your career, rather than just a job to muddle through until the next thing comes along, then UPS is the better deal and with better opportunities of advancement, while FDX is great for the right here and now. FDX starts you off quickly, with better pay, and UPS starts you off slowly with subpar pay – but then, that quick-start will level off and the pay will plateau, and the longer-run that paid poorly will raise higher than the other that started off great but will eventually pale in comparison later.

    Good luck with whichever you decide.
  6. over9five

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    We have a shop steward who was also a shop steward at the same time.

    Don't ask, don't tell.