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    I am a seasonal feeder in Columbus,Oh and was told there would be one full time position hire out of
    the 16 seasonals. It has come down to me and another driver and I recently had a meeting with the
    fleet mgr twice in the last 2 weeks to be updated on the latest. I feel I have the nod but have been
    told there has been a curveball to the situation. There is a driver returning from military service to claim
    a driving position and that he will come first. Now, I don't have a problem with that, hats off to this person
    and that's the way it should be... The question that I have, is that another driver told me in mid-December
    that if I was still around after Jan 1st 2013 that the contract states that UPS has to hire me full time. Is
    this true?
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    No, it's not true. The Central States region of the Teamsters, representing Columbus, has struck an agreement with UPS (after the last contract was OK'd - but I digress) that Peak runs into January. Any work you did last week or this week (and possibility all/a portion of next week - I'm not certain, and can't find a definite answer) is considered seasonal.
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    You are incorrect. The time an outside seasonal is putting in now does count towards seniority but they have to get 30 days in the 90 to qualify which I guarantee will not happen. Once things quite down they will put the bid sheet up for vacation coverage for 2013. These will be the people they will use not the outside seasonals
  4. Bagels

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    Yes, the CS rider reads 30-in-90, with time worked after Dec. 31 and before Nov. 1 counting toward the 30. But the union's insisting a gentleman's agreement with the Company now recognizes that Peak extends into Jan. It doesn't matter, anyway, since it's not likely the OP will work 30/90.
  5. I don't know the answer but I do know you pick the weirdest places in your sentences to hit the 'enter' key
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    It's called "left justify".

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    Yeah, I was told peak runs until the 18th. Also I've been told if full time happens, I can work inside to speed up
    my 30 punches when possible...... Thanks for the replies.
  8. Bagels

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    Bumping into the inside won't count toward your 30 & you'll only make $8.50/hour for the work you perform.
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    Sure it will. It just be for feeder, if he does his 30 as a loader that's what he will be, on the preload. Yes and making $8.50.
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    Your boss is trying to gently tell you that you are not going to be a feeder driver and if you want to stay at UPS, you will be PT.