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    Hi everyone,

    Obiously being a "newbie" here I expect flamming for being a rookie on the board in particular, a new hire-driver for FedEx.

    I come in peace so go easy on me, lol. :peaceful:

    For those who have worked for FedEx in Canada, can you tell me what I can expect as a new hire and what I will encounter at my Orientation?

    I have done some courier work but nothing comparable or the same capacity for which I expect. It was quite the hiring process, I had two interviews, and a driving test which was somewhat different than what I expected.

    In terms of being a driver, what duties do they include (ie:loading the truck before a delivery?) because I have heard FedEx is different than other courier companies.

    What benefits should I expect from FedFex?

    I look forward to working for FedEx and any helpful tips and what to expect I appreciate.

    And hello to all the great UPS employees you do a great job too.


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    Nothing to contribute from ANY FedEx employee? :sad-little:
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    Why would you come to a UPS site and ask about FDX??????

    You are lucky FDX got rid of the basic skills test.

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    As expected in my initial post, a UPS troll with nothing intelligent to say. Go figure. :funny:

    Ya, UPS site but there is also a "FedEx Discussions forums"

    And how would you know if FedEx got rid of their basic skills test in CANADA?

    This should be good. :rolleyes:
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    What should be good? Should I go get my popcorn ready yet?

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    Great answer!

    When you comprehend the English language and not make it your second language, then flame me back with some intelligence, chump. :knockedout:
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    Sarcasm is obviously not your forte.

    Seems like all the smog surrounding you is scrambling what little brain cells you have left.

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    FEDEXGURU, you have learned your first lesson: FedEx is a cruel environment for new hires.

    You may think I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not. FedEx has a sink-or-swim mentality for new hires. Your manager will be supportive for a couple of weeks, after that you'd better start making goal and not make any mistakes. FedEx is definately a cruel environment for the new hire.

    I was shocked at this myself when I was new to FedEx, but quickly learned it was a result of the environment. An obsession on productivity goals even for new employees. There is no "gentle" learning curve. You'll either make it or not within your first month. If you start getting "OLCCs", you'll know you're being prepared to be shoved out the door. If after 3 months you are on speaking terms with your manager and aren't stressed over the prospect of going to work each day, you'll know you have made it.

    Your worst day will be your first day on your own.

    Your worst week will be the first week on your own.

    Your worst month will be the first month on your own.

    After that, it becomes so routine that you can do it half awake - or so stressful that you bring in your uniforms vowing never to return...

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    Is that right? That's contrary to what I heard by others and what makes it so believable that you're actually a FedEx worker now or not? Whether it's FedEx or somewhere else, you have to learn your job and learn it well. So that can be said just about anything in the workforce. Sure, FedEx can be demanding because of the many responsibilities but we all have to start somewhere! That being said, I have ALWAYS excelled at every opportunity and job I have held. So ya, I am a very confident person.

    There is no such proof you work or have worked for FedEx and it's expected that this sort of turmoil is being lashed out on pro-UPS board.

    In terms of making it? I don't consider myself to be a "lifer" as a driver because there are other opportunities within the company.

    I have no doubt I can survive as a new hire and I certainly don't need the negativity from someone who has no credibility otherwise. :wink2:
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    i dont think Richetta is an employee at Fedex.He use to,but got fired for falsifying.Now he just posts because hes so angry at what hes been doing with his life and was denied a job with UPS.Dude i dont know what Fedex is like in Canada,but i remembed what is was like whe i got hired.It was a blast.When i went full time it got a lil different but it was still a really fun,laid back job.I wish you the best of luck and ignore these haters on here.Any questions you can PM me.

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    LOL, that's what I thought. I sensed a tone of resentment in the reply and thank you for confirming this.

    Finally someone LEGIT people here from FedEx! :happy2:

    Thank you for responding and I believe in any job if you have the right attitude you'll succeed. I intend to give it 110% and feel very fortunate to be hired by FedEx especially during these economic times.

    I will certainly PM you if I have any questions, thanks, and AVOID the obvious ************* here.

    Take care. :peaceful:
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    don't feed the troll:wink2:

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    If you believe FedEx4Life and you've actually really been hired...good luck. As great as you think you are, you'd better be able to produce, or you'll be gone. Usually, people with an attitude of superiority like yours end up quitting because they can't take it or because the job just isn't suited for them.

    Please review some of his/her past posts, most of which reflect complete ignorance of the most basic aspects of both FedEx culture and policy. Since you obviously don't know up from down, FedEx4Life would be an excellent guide towards a flaming downward spiral of a career at Fred's Fun House. Grab your ankles and hang on tight eh?
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    Hey FEDEX GURU,I would like you to be honest with the job when things get going.If you like it or hate it,let us know.

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    As great as I think I am? Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance, please. You don’t even know me but taking words out of context and misconstruing what the actual message is from me, is actually what you have perceived. That’s fine, I’ll take your criticism as a compliment.

    That said, I have ALWAYS give 110% in whatever job I have held and I am always up for a challenge. I learn quickly and I am certainly not the type to call in sick or show up to work late. My focus is on my job and obviously the recruiters with FedEx identified this with me when they interviewed me.

    The only person who is arrogant here is you especially with the name “MrFedEx”. If that isn’t being self-centered, nothing is! And if you try a lame attempt at bashing me for my user name, keep in mind “Guru” is a leader and I have held jobs in which I have lead.

    So basically I’ll take anything you reply with, with a grain of salt. You sound like a disgruntled UPS worker with a FedEx alias. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit, EH? :wink2:
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    You sound very positive and willing to work hard. These are good things.

    On the contrary, you also come across very naive. I have heard the term "stars in the eyes". I do not know you but this is my first impression from reading the posts in this thread.

    Just remember, there are two sides to every coin. To be honest, FedEx4life and MrFedEx work for TWO ENTIRELY, SEPERATE COMPANIES. Please keep that in mind when you make your judgements.

    It is possible both of them make valid arguments pro or con FedEx.

    Which operation are you going for ? Ground, Express, home? I am sure this will help others narrow down their opinions and sentiments for whatever position you will possibly be encountering.

    Good luck with whatever you do. Just remember there will be highs and lows along the way and keep your expectations in check. And also, much like a new car, that newness and shininess ( stars in the eyes) will eventually fade away.

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    My first day of Orientation was a positive one and plenty of information about my job indeed!

    Sorry to break it to you but I am not naïve and don’t misconstrue what you read and take things out of context based on what’s written, they are merely words not actions.

    I sensed MrFedEx works for UPS or some other competitor because of the criticism and obviously someone who thinks he has all the answers! Whateva. Like I said, I’ll take what he said as a compliment!

    I am working for FedEx Express in the downtown core of a big city. Today we basically went over a lot of paper work, went over the DG training and what to expect on our first day which is Monday when we are taken on a route with a driver to show us around. I have a background in computers so based on the information I gathered today from the trainer, I will have an opportunity to apply for other jobs within FedEx down the road and possibly with IT and customer service related jobs. I will work hard with being a “casual” courier so I am neither part-time or full-time so my hours will certainly be limited.

    I understand that there are going to be highs and lows. That can be said about any job in life but I am a very hard worker with anything I do and FedEx will take notice of this.