Working for fedex while at ups.

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  1. Mr.nobody

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    I have a friend that recently told me he applied at fedex ground and will soon start working next week while keeping his job at ups. He been working with ups for 4 years now.

    I told him that he might get in some trouble for breaching the "contract of interest" or what ever it's called the paper you sign when you got hired that states you cannot work for the competition.

    My question is how will ups find out if your working for the competition as a second job and what will they do? immediate terminaton? Or will they warn you and tell you to quite fedex or it will be termination.
  2. ibleedbrown

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    whats your friends name and employee id number?
  3. DOK

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    Never heard of such a thing, it's America, work where you want. Pay me more if you don't want me to work elsewhere.
  4. DumbTruckDriver

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    If your friend plans to drive for Fred, he'll be required to grow a big gnarly beard and be covered in tattoos. Management will probably figure it out by that point.
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  5. PT Car Washer

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    I don't think UPS would really care where else you work as long as the other job does not interfere with your UPS job. FedEx on the other hand might have a problem with it.
  6. I did that this year from May until September. I was kind of secretive about it at first because I've been at UPS for 6 years and obviously I didn't want to get fired but after a while they noticed I was always tired everyday(I worked preload at FedEx and Day Sort at UPS) so I just told them what I was doing and they didn't care at all. It actually kind of worked to my advantage because when UPS found out I was working third shift I think they kind of felt bad for me and put me in some easier loads and one week said if I was too tired encouraged me to take a Friday off. (I declined) FedEx was a little less encouraging about me working at UPS. I told the guy who ran the sort at FedEx one time I did work at UPS and he just said in a jokingly but serious manner "I'm going to pretend you didn't tell me that because you're a good worker and I don't want to fire you". My gut would tell me if you come in everyday and do a good job neither company will want to fire you or be that upset about it because in this part time line of work these companies need as many good, dependable employees as they can get but I would tell your friend to keep it a secret just in case the bosses at either place are sticklers to the actual rules which state this is a fireable offense.
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  7. Mr.nobody

    Mr.nobody Member

    Thanks for the detailed input bro, I'll let him know
  8. working up a sweat

    working up a sweat Active Member

    I worked with a guy who was a 20 year Teamster that got laid off from driving a beer truck.

    He got a job at DHL as a cover driver during the day and a PT night job at UPS inside the hub. He did this to maintain his pension and bennies.

    UPS management knew it and did not care. He was a good worker.

    Worked at UPS for a year and half and left when a permanent driving job opened up at DHL.

    DHL is in the same Teamsters local as our UPS hub.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I worked at both. When I started at Ground it was in the process of being rebranded from RPS to FedEx. RPS didn't care where else we worked. FedEx did but didn't bring that policy over to RPS until a couple years after buying them out. Those of us that already had jobs at UPS were grandfathered in. Anyone after had to sign a form agreeing not to work at UPS.

    UPS doesn't have such a policy about FedEx. Nothing enforceable anyway.
  10. DOK

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    Thought dhl folded, I never see their vans. Man I gotta keep up.
  11. olroadbeech

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    when i was oncall with feeder and they did not work me i would work elsewhere. got in a big arguement with the center manager about it because he wanted me by the phone 24/7 ( before cells )

    he actually told me that " I was :censored2:ing the company" in front of about 5 other people. this was over 20 years ago when they could get away with that. i answered with expletives of my own and told him " the company does not own me when they are NOT paying me.

    i told him if he paid me to be oncall i would be available 24/7 and that i had a family to support. he got mad but there was nothing he could do about it.
  12. tacken

    tacken Active Member

    Hey just keep your mouth shut. Why do they need to know?
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  13. jibbs

    jibbs Long Live the Chief

    My question is if you have to disclose employment history in a job application, and fedex frowns upon hiring UPSers, how'd your friend get the job?

    Did he just leave out his employment history and they never caught on?

    (I realize you might not know if this really is your friend, but I'm actually curious because I wouldn't mind throwing them an application myself....)
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Is this the same center manager who "begged" you not to retire?
  15. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    Wrong. America is a land of laws, and the law is on UPS's side. UPS is within its legal rights to tell you that you may not work for a competitor, and like most other companies, UPS does indeed have written policies against employees working for the competition. There's a multitude of reasons for this, such as you're not giving UPS your full effort (after all, you should be selling the company to your friends/peers) and that during the course of your day, you receive information that UPS would prefer its competitors not have.

    Now from my experience, UPS only enforces this policy for managerial/professional employees and FT drivers (who are the face of UPS). There have been a handful of PTers who knowingly to management worked for FedEx (either PT inside, Ground/Home Delivery driver, etc.) and management looked the other way. Whether or not this would hold true in your situation we can't answer, but if in doubt it's always a good idea to ask somebody first.
  16. working up a sweat

    working up a sweat Active Member

    DHL still in business. They still wear the court jester suit uniforms.
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